This evolution of the Zycle indoor bike is designed down to the last detail to satisfy the most demanding cyclists and fitness enthusiasts. It includes all the features one can ask for in a modern spinning bike: it supports the best simulators on the market, is silent, has an elegant design, and is equipped with all kinds of details to make the indoor cycling experience perfect.

Quick and Easy Assembly and Setup 

From the moment we unpack the Zycle Smart ZBike 2.0 with utmost ease and start its simple assembly, we realize the attention to detail that the Spanish manufacturer Zycle has put into the design of this evolution of its popular indoor bike. The seat and handlebar height adjustments, as well as the handlebar reach adjustment, are handled by simple wrenches that make the adjustments very easy, without needing specific tools. Similarly, the dual-sided pedals, one for regular shoes and the other for MTB shoes with cleats, are perfectly indicated by a color code reminding us to thread each pedal in the same direction as pedaling. Only the seat reach adjustment requires a 14 mm fixed wrench not included.

Since it is a “smart bike,” we need to connect the bike to the power supply so that the flywheel, along with the belt system, can vary the resistance when using cycling simulators or training sessions from our GPS. Another great detail is the inclusion of a USB port to charge our mobile device if we use it as a screen for our cycling simulator. Another connector, running from the handlebar to the bike body, allows the use of two small buttons placed on each side to change the virtual gears of this bike.

Adjustments for Everyone 

The handlebar and seat are the two most important contact points for the cyclist, and both are excellently resolved on the Zycle Smart ZBike 2.0. The seat, with its ergonomic design and firm padding, would not look out of place on a high-end bike. It has a central channel that relieves pressure on the perineum, and the nose is slightly tilted downward to avoid tingling in the genital area. The seat post can be adjusted between 67 and 85 cm from the bottom bracket, and along with the handlebar adjustments, make this bike compatible with cyclists of any height and build. The handlebar design is especially thoughtful, as it has a texture that ensures a firm grip (remember that in indoor cycling, you tend to sweat quite a bit with intense pedaling), and allows for multiple positions, ensuring that we can change our grip and thus avoid discomfort and overuse injuries. 

The handlebar is large enough to accommodate a mobile phone holder, both vertically and horizontally, a towel within reach to wipe away sweat, and still have space to vary our position on the handlebar as needed, including a very comfortable standing pedaling position. The crank length is 170 mm, which we can consider standard, midway between 165 mm and 175 mm, less common lengths. In any case, this length favors a higher cadence, something that cycling science shows as more efficient and less prone to muscle fatigue.

Truly Silent

The first news about this revamped Zycle Smart ZBike 2.0 highlighted its low noise level, a powerful sales argument for an indoor bike, as it’s important not to disturb others in the house. We thought it was the typical marketing slogan that then proves not so true… but we were totally wrong! If you come from a conventional bike connected to a trainer, even those requiring you to remove the rear wheel and mount the cassette on it, the noise difference is dramatic. Like night and day: the noise is truly imperceptible. And that’s because using a flywheel combined with its Poly-V pulley is infinitely quieter and smoother than connecting a bike chain to a conventional trainer. 

Adding the padded Zycle Premium mat, which further reduces the already low noise of the Zycle Smart ZBike 2.0, we have a product that really delivers on its promise of low noise. The mat will also protect the floor from sweat and from the cleats of cycling shoes. The Zycle Smart ZBike 2.0 also includes a magnetic brake, which makes it easy to get off the bike quickly without waiting for the flywheel to stop.

Premium Connectivity

Another aspect that speaks volumes about the care put into the bike’s design is the extreme ease with which it connects to mobile devices and cycling simulator software. Both the built-in power meter and the cadence sensor, once Bluetooth is activated on the device (whether a mobile phone, tablet, or computer), are instantly recognized. Additionally, the power meter in the Zycle Smart ZBike 2.0 has a margin of error of 2%, on par with the best power meters on the market. It also includes Ant+ connectivity, although Bluetooth is usually the more popular option. Once the devices are paired, all that’s left is to pedal and play with the simulated gear changes, which are activated from two small buttons located on each side of the handlebar. 

For new users of this type of system, the operation is very intuitive. Simulators create different resistance levels, depending either on the training session or the terrain profile (in the case of simulators with graphical virtualization like Bkool, Zwift, Rouvy, etc.). When a climb approaches or there is an increase in intensity in our structured training, we will notice the pedaling becomes more difficult. Using the simulated gear change, we can vary the pedaling cadence and thus maintain power with more agile pedaling. Or, on the contrary, engage in maximum strength exercises with low cadences… the flexibility is total, like on a real bike! The simulation algorithm, responsible for interpreting both virtual worlds and training plans compatible with the bike, has been updated to version 4.0, now responding more quickly to resistance changes, both in automatic mode (with simulators) and manual mode, similar to spinning classes.

We also recommend installing the native Zycle app, as it not only allows firmware updates for the device but also collects data from our training sessions, accesses virtual cycling simulators (and takes advantage of the free coupons provided with the Zycle Smart ZBike 2.0), and accesses Zycle’s technical support.

Unbeatable Option for Indoor Cycling 

Zycle’s proposal with this 2.0 update of its Smart ZBike seems to us a winning bet. The compact design, ease of assembly and connectivity, perfect adaptation to both simulators and fitness apps, and small but useful details, such as the gear change or integrated USB charger, make it a strong candidate for a central place in our structured training. The adjustment possibilities are many, and along with the versatility of the handlebar and the quality of the seat, make pedaling beyond an hour not a torture, but a pleasure. 

From the moment we took it out of the box until we started pedaling in our favorite simulator, it took just 20 minutes. The main adjustment wrenches are comfortable and quick, making it easy to change the seat height and handlebar position to share the bike with another person in just a minute. The connectivity, both with the app and the simulators, is fast and reliable. Really, few things stand between us and our goal, the Zycle Smart ZBike 2.0 always makes everything very easy.


Fully adjustable
Great connectivity


The handlebar mount only fits mobile phones.

Technical Specifications




Smart ZBike 2.0

Poly-V belt

50 Kg (14 Kg for the flywheel)

86 x 61 x 144 cm

Bluetooth and ANT+

Indoor bike kit with mat, with flywheel, extremely silent Poly-V belt transmission, and gear change that simulates a 15-speed single-chainring transmission. It is compatible with the most popular online cycling simulators, can simulate up to a 20% gradient, and supports a maximum power of 2000 W at 120 rpm.

Avaliable colors
Black – Red



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