Test: Sense ride 5, Ultra Glide 2 and Pulsar Trail

The mountain is like the sea. You think you know how to decipher it but it can always surprise you and it varies and changes greatly. Hence also the great power of attraction it exerts. Trail running, i.e., running in the middle of nature, is never the same. The landscape is never the same. Neither is the terrain. Trail running on a sunny day in August has nothing to do with going out in the mountains in winter or spring, when conditions are as changeable and unpredictable as the terrain we walk on.

The experience is totally different when running on dry, slippery, ridged terrain than when running on wet or muddy terrain, on a rainy or windy day. Every situation gives us the opportunity to enjoy, to look at how to overcome the elements and to tame a constantly changing terrain. Whether running on trails, rocks, mud, grass or even snow. Ascending or descending.

As a leader in trail running for the past two decades, Salomon has developed technology and design to present a collection of trail running shoes ready to deliver the best performance for trail running in any terrain and conditions.

For the 2023 Spring-Summer season, Salomon showcases the Sense Ride 5, the queen of versatility. With a resilient Energy Foam midsole, the Sense Ride 5 is softer than the previous version, with the perfect balance of cushioning and reactivity. The new Contagrip All Terrain outsole is now more durable and reliable on more surfaces. The upper incorporates Engineered Mesh, which is lightweight and flexible, for better and more comfortable foot support.

The Ultra Glide 2 are an upgraded version of Salomon‘s most comfortable and grippy long distance trail shoes, which are now more breathable and still super light at only 270 grams. The upper of the shoe has been redesigned with a lighter Engineered Mesh with less TPU, making it more flexible and breathable.  Salomon engineers have also redesigned the collar and tongue to make them thinner. The Energy Foam midsole ensures a smooth run, even over long distances and on uneven terrain and surfaces. The insole is now glued to the inside of the shoe to prevent slipping on ascents and descents. The Contagrip All Terrain outsole is designed for a wide variety of surfaces, whether wet, dry, hard or slippery. The rocker geometry, called R.Camber, combined with a 6 mm drop, guarantees fast and smooth transitions.

And for faster runners, the Salomon  Pulsar Trail Pro 2 are the upgraded version of the fast and agile Pulsar Trail Pro. A new Engineered Mesh upper will make you feel lighter and allows the shoe to be more breathable. The Pulsar Trail Pro 2 feature Salomon’s Energy Blade technology to propel you to run faster. This is combined with Energy Surge rubber in the midsole for reactivity and comfort. The Contagrip MA outsole will keep you stable and secure, thanks to an improved lug geometry that does its job even on fast and bumpy runs.

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