The fourth iteration of the ASICS Novablast 4 confirms its evolution into a road training shoe that moderates its aggressiveness, gaining stability and cushioning. Its premium upper combines with a luxurious interior to make it a daily training shoe that loses some reactivity, but gains in versatility and also comes with a very affordable price tag.

Stability and comfort for more versatile use

Version 4 of the ASICS Novablast leaves behind a bit of its dynamic character to confirm itself as an outstanding daily training shoe. The changes bring more stiffness, more width and, with a FlyteFoam BLAST PLUS Eco foam with less compression, more safety

The new foam is not the only thing responsible for the new character. The forefoot is wider, and the midsole allows the sidewalls to slope outwards, increasing the horizontal surface area underfoot. This makes them more stable, just as the geometric profiles of the midsole also provide consistency and stability. Without reaching the softness and comfort of an ASICS GEL-Nimbus, the Novablast 4 also allows for specific training sessions in which harder intervals can be introduced.

Generous profile with 8mm drop, pronounced forefoot curvature and voluminous heel accentuate that mix of dynamism and stability that makes them so suitable for a good range of running paces. They may not excel at anything, but they score high in all the aspects that matter.

Superior durability and support

The upper of these shoes has a very pronounced character: the mesh is more dense, relegating the perforation to the toe cap. This compromises the breathability a little bit, they are not the best shoes for very humid and hot climates, but in exchange it improves the durability and above all, it improves the support. The whole upper oozes quality, with hardly any seams. It adapts very well to the foot, and the wider toe box, together with the perforations, compensates for its lower breathability.

The inside of the upper follows the same trend as the outside: high quality padding, which is extremely pleasant to the foot, and with an asymmetric texture that prevents the sock from slipping too much inside the shoe once it has been put on. The tongue is slightly wider than in the previous model. It has perforations to improve ventilation and is very elastic. If we make sure to place it well, after tying the laces we can see that it stays in place and follows the comfort of the rest of the shoe.

Due to the characteristics of the mesh upper and the lower ventilation, the ASICS Novablast 4 takes a little longer to dry than other shoes, something to take into account if you run in the rain or on wet ground.

More grip and trampoline effect

The new AHAR+ compound is slightly softer than in the previous version, which increases grip on both dry and wet surfaces. However, it is not a true all-terrain shoe, especially on wet surfaces. Outsole tread pattern, present only on the perimeter, is hybrid, with good performance on unpaved but homogeneous surfaces, as it is not a good trail shoe. The hollowed out midsole part facilitates the impulsion and transition, together with the heel and toe cap inclination. Especially the metatarsal area with a higher relief and a central “island” of AHAR+ compound facilitates the “trampoline” effect.

Stability and absorption at a great price

The ASICS Novablast 4 is an excellent training shoe, which for its price and durability is a great option for runners who make intensive use of the material. Stability and plenty of cushioning make it a great choice for bulky runners who want to run at a wide range of paces.

The combination of high cushioning foam and less conservative geometry places them in the middle ground between very responsive shoes and those designed for long runs with maximum comfort. Upper is excellent, both inside and out, weighed down only by less breathability.

Their affordable price makes them excellent value for money and ideal as a very durable training shoe with a versatile nature that will make them a great choice for just about anything.


  •  Good stability and cushioning.
  •  High quality inner padding.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • Slippery sole in wet conditions.

Technical information


ASICS Novablast 4

Very stable and well cushioned road shoes, effective at a good range of training paces and very durable.

Adjustment system

In seamless woven fabric, with highly elastic perforated tongue.

Flyte Foam BLAST PLUS ECO Flyte Foam Composite with geometrically shaped outer profile for consistency and stability.

Low density AHAR+ compound with hybrid lug design on the perimeter of the outsole.

8 mm

Available sizes
From 39 to 50,5

250 gr


Available colours
Green-Grey, Black-Orange-White, Black-Grey, Red-Black

Further information here Deporvillage

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