When shoes like the ASICS Gel-Trabuco reach their twelfth version (actually they are even older!) it is a formula for success. That’s why this new version doesn’t present any radical changes compared to the previous ones. They remain the ultimate all-round trail running shoe, somewhere between the maximalism of the ASICS Trabuco Max and the speed of the ASICS FujiSpeed, with impressive midsole technology, a protective upper and the legendary ASICS Grip compound in the outsole.

Even so, the upper, more minimalist, has improved both protection and breathability, while the midsole maintains its classic qualities: protection, comfort and cushioning to devour kilometres in all conditions.

Dynamic and highly absorbent footprint

The midsole geometry results in an 8 mm drop, an “all-rounder” drop that is very easy to wear and ideal for medium to long distances. But it’s in the foam that the ASICS GEL-Trabuco 12 works its magic. FF Blast foam provides cushioning to ensure a comfortable ride, while in the rearfoot GEL technology helps absorb shock, protecting the joints and Achilles heel. This design allows for a comfortable and secure heel strike, which is appreciated for medium to long runs and moderate paces.

The midsole is not overly wide at the base, which helps to contain the weight and contributes to a certain dynamism in the stride. This is something important, as it helps to keep a necessary balance between protection, lightness and dynamism, especially in a shoe that we will be able to wear for many hours of walking.

Upper protected against the elements

The upper is perhaps where we find the most novelties. It is made of a double mesh, reinforced by the usual ASICS GEL-Trabuco heat seals, including the ASICS logo that runs along the side of the shoe. The outer part of the mesh is dense, but has micro holes all over its surface, except for the heat-sealed protections. On the inside, the mesh is incorporated into the tongue, keeping out dust and sand.

ASICS Grip outsole, blind confidence

The outsole remains unchanged, relying on the acclaimed ASICS Grip compound and the lug design remains the same as the one incorporated in ASICS GEL-Trabuco 11. This design, which combines small triangular lugs in the centre with larger directional lugs in the periphery, is a marvel. It has exceptional grip in any situation, including steep descents and its staggered design allows the lugs to flex while maintaining their structural integrity. They are also spaced far enough apart to allow mud to evacuate as soon as the surface changes.

In the safety section, a protective plate is included in the forefoot, the Rock Protection Plate. This is a small layer of flexible but firmer material placed between the sole and the midsole, in charge of stopping any intrusion of stones or other sharp objects.

For a versatile trail runner, no excuses

The ASICS Gel-Trabuco 12 continues the successful formula of its predecessors, offering the perfect balance of protection, comfort and performance. Their versatile design makes them the ideal choice for trail runners looking for versatility over medium to long distances. The combination of FF Blast midsole technology and GEL cushioning in the rearfoot ensures a soft and protected ride, while the new upper provides increased protection and breathability. The outsole, with ASICS Grip compound and a smart lug design, offers exceptional grip in all conditions. All in all, the Gel-Trabuco 12 is the perfect choice for those looking for a reliable and comfortable shoe for kilometres on any terrain.


  •  Excellent cushioning.
  • Unbeatable grip of the sole.
  • Good protection.


  •  Quite heavy.

Technical information


ASICS Gel-Trabuco 12

The ASICS Gel-Trabuco 12 is an all-terrain shoe that offers great stability and comfort thanks to its midsole technology and the great grip of its outsole.

Adjustment system

In double reinforced mesh, with thermo-sealed protections and a tongue that joins with the internal mesh to prevent dust and sand from passing through.

FF BLAST Compound provides great cushioning and GEL technology in the rearfoot to reduce heel strike.

ASICS Grip Compound with small triangular lugs in the centre and larger, more elongated lugs on the periphery.
8 mm

Available sizes
From 35,5 to 44,5

314 gr


Available colours
Bordeaux-Black-White, Black-Orange-Yellow, Coral-Pink-Black, Turquoise-Green-White

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