Test: ASICS GEL-Nimbus 25 Running Shoes

One of ASICS’ legendary models gets its annual makeover and proves why it’s so successful: the ASICS GEL-Nimbus 25 doesn’t give up on change and dares to leave behind defining features like its visible GEL overlay. They are still super comfortable shoes, ideal for training or long runs. ASICS is not resting on its laurels and continues to innovate through significant changes in design and materials.

What’s new

Visually, the first thing that strikes you about the new ASICS GEL-Nimbus 25 is that the GEL layer is no longer visible in the midsole. The GEL is still there, but it is no longer insight. The shoes now have a higher profile, thanks to a higher but at the same time lighter midsole, which allows the same weight to be maintained. They look maximalist, but are still light for a mile-eater

The drop has been reduced from 10 mm to 8 mm, but the camber is now more pronounced, which compensates for the lower drop and makes the shoes agile and very fluid underfoot. The changes in the midsole composition, with the introduction of less dense foams (FF Blast+ Eco) and a wider base ensure its comfortable and “mileage swallowing” character.Moreover, ASICS’ commitment to sustainability is not just marketing: 88% of the fabric used in the upper is recycled, 24% of the midsole foam materials are bio-based (cellulose nanofibres), and less water is used in the insole dyeing process than ever before

Luxury upper

The first impressions when wearing the ASICS GEL-Nimbus 25 are not very different from those of its predecessor: extremely comfortable upper, which wraps the foot perfectly like a sock, and a very elastic tongue made of perforated fabric, which is fastened at the sides, long and should be stretched well for a perfect fit. Every detail, from the hybrid lacing system to the stitching to the reflective rear pull tab, exudes quality from every angle. 

Outsole with grip and flexibility 

In the outsole, changes have been made in the direction of better grip on asphalt, with different compounds for the front and rear. In the heel it uses two pieces of 66°Ha AHAR Plus rubber and in the forefoot a single piece of the softer and less resistant 59°Ha ASICS AHAR Low Density compound, which provides better cushioning and flexibility in the stride. These pieces leave a lot of the midsole surface exposed, but the new compound is somewhat harder and firmer, so they are prepared to resist wear and do not give in to small stones or hard elements that we may step on.

High profile and well-cushioned

The GEL, although not visible, still works on the inside, with a piece of PureGEL located in the heel which is not symmetrically positioned: it is closer to the outside of the foot to improve stability. In addition, the GEL is now softer, which ensures an even more comfortable and softer reception. This shoe continues to use the FF Blast+ midsole compound making it a reactive shoe, as well as very light for its characteristics as a running shoe; it also uses an ECO version of this compound, with 24% less chemical material

As the toe cap has also increased in height, it is somewhat stiffer and flexes less, which contributes to the properties of the more curved shape of this model. In fact, the benefits of this greater curvature are appreciated when we increase the pace: we clearly notice a greater reactivity, within the possibilities of a non-racing shoe. 

Changes without losing character

When we saw the changes that can be seen straight away in this 25th model of the ASICS GEL-Nimbus, we wondered if its traditional character, its extreme comfort, had changed at all. And in this respect, they are still exceptionally comfortable shoes. The midsole is simpler, as the GEL is hidden, the profile is decidedly higher, but they are still light. The secret lies in a less dense foam, which maintains weight even with a higher profile and a larger base, especially in the heel

Another feature that stands out at first glance is its great curvature, an element that plays with the densities and firmness of the midsole in order to be reactive when we put more strength in the stride. In short, ASICS has not changed the character of the GEL-Nimbus that we already know and love, but it has modernised them, achieving solutions that accentuate their properties (comfort, stability, softness) while maintaining the weight. 

Extreme comfort.

The greater curvature is very well adapted to the new midsole.

High stability.

Somewhat narrow toe box (it is recommended to choose half a size up for very wide feet).

Technical information:


GEL-Nimbus 25

High-profile, lightweight midsole, maximalist shoes with remarkable curvature, extremely comfortable and stable. 

Fitting system

Lightweight and cushioned, very enveloping, combined with elasticated and perforated knitted tongue.

Asymmetrically arranged inner PureGel Composite and lower density, lighter weight FF Blast+Eco foam. 

Combines a more durable ASICS AHARPlus heel area with a softer feeling ASICS Ahar Low Density toe cap. 


Available sizes
From 40 EU to 49 EU.

255 gr (women) / 290 gr (men) 

200 €

Available colours
Red-Black, Black-Grey, Black-Green, Dark-Blue-Red, Blue-Orange, Black, Fluorescent Green

More information here

Name of the articleTest: Asics GEL-Nimbus 25 Shoes
DescriptionHigh-profile, lightweight midsole, maximalist shoes with a noticeable curvature, extremely comfortable and stable.
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