Crossfit is a sport that focuses on improving fitness and performance in various aspects such as endurance, agility and versatility.  Crossfit shoes should offer a certain stability to prevent rocking and movement of the foot during weightlifting or exercise execution, which can lead to injury. Crossfit involves a wide variety of movements, from jumping to sprinting, so finding the right cushioned shoes is essential to absorb shock and keep you comfortable throughout your workout. The sole is one of the most important elements. Selecting shoes with good traction on the sole is essential to avoid slipping during exercises with changes of pace and intense movements. Other features such as breathability and lightness are also important aspects when choosing which CrossFit shoes to wear. In Deporvillage we have selected 5 shoes that you can use in your Crossfit workouts.

1. Nike Romaleos 4 Shoes

The Nike Romaleos 4 shoes are a benchmark in the world of weightlifting and strength training. This model features a rigid midsole that provides stability and power in every lift. Durable, hard-wearing construction ensures a secure fit, while the grippy rubber outsole provides traction on all types of surfaces. What sets the Nike Romaleos 4 apart from other models is its stable, elevated heel platform, designed to optimise weightlifting efficiency. Its solid base allows weightlifters to reach their full potential.

2. Puma PWRFrame TR 2 Shoes

The Puma PWR Frame TR 2 shoes are designed specifically for the strength training enthusiast looking for a technical shoe. The fabric upper provides breathability and lightness, allowing your feet to stay cool during intense training sessions. The lacing system ensures a custom fit, and the PWR Frame provides stability and precise support for dynamic movements. The foam midsole provides responsive cushioning, absorbing shock and providing a comfortable feel with every step. The durable rubber outsole offers traction on a variety of surfaces, from the gym to the streets. Model available for women.

3. adidas Dropset 2 Shoes

The adidas Dropset 2 are the perfect combination of street style and sporty performance. This model with a synthetic leather upper and breathable mesh provides a unique combination of durability and ventilation to keep your feet comfortable at all times. The cushioned midsole provides effective cushioning, shock absorption and a soft underfoot feel. In addition, the robust rubber outsole ensures solid traction on a variety of surfaces, making these shoes versatile for both daily activities and strength training. Their contemporary design incorporates the iconic adidas three stripes, adding the brand’s signature touch of style. Available for women.

4. Reebok Nano X3 Shoes

The Reebok Nano X3 shoes are the result of the continuous evolution of a line dedicated to functional training performance. With a Flexweave upper, this model offers a unique combination of flexibility and resilience, adapting to the dynamic movements of high-intensity training. Nano X3 technology features a foam midsole that provides cushioning and responsiveness, ensuring your comfort during activities ranging from weightlifting to sprinting. In addition, the low-profile construction and lacing system ensures a secure, custom fit, providing additional stability during multi-directional movements. The heavy-duty rubber outsole offers traction on a variety of surfaces, from the gym to outdoor activities. The exceptional durability of the Nano X3 makes them a reliable choice for those looking for shoes that can withstand the rigours of intense and varied workouts.

5. Under Armour TriBase Reign 5 Shoes

The Under Armour TriBase Reign 5 shoes offer superior performance in functional training and weightlifting. Built with a tough, breathable mesh upper, these shoes provide ventilation and durability to take on the most intense challenges in the gym. Innovative TriBase technology in the sole provides a stable base for multi-directional movements, making them the perfect choice for workouts involving quick changes of direction and weightlifting exercises. Micro G cushioning in the midsole absorbs shock and provides an energetic response, delivering comfort and power with every step. Available for women.

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