We tested the DPV Aelo Glasses

Although sometimes we don’t appreciate the value and importance of them, glasses are one of the most important safety items, along with helmets, that we have as cyclists. Therefore, a review of this accessory could not be missing from our test section. Specifically, the Aelo DPV, a pair of glasses mainly oriented to cycling and running, with an open frame that not only protects, but also allows us to have a clear and very wide vision.

Open frame?

One of the main characteristics of these Aelo DPVs is that their structure, what we usually call frame, is not complete. That is, the lens is not framed or wrapped by the frame in the upper area, the one closest to our forehead. This, having the frame open, makes that in addition to a lighter aspect, visually, these Aelo are ventilated in an excellent way and fog less than glasses with full frame or wrap-around.

El hecho de que la lente contacte en sus extremos directamente con el ambiente hace que disipen mejor la temperatura y al menos en la zona superior, tengamos mejor visibilidad incluso cuando estamos realizando ejercicio más intenso y sudemos con más intensidad, en ambientes fríos, especialmente.

The fact that the lens contacts directly with the environment at its ends makes it dissipate temperature better and at least in the upper zone, we have better visibility even when we are exercising more intensely and sweating more intensely, in cold environments especially.

This is undoubtedly one of the aspects that we have liked the most about these glasses, which have barely fogged up during these first days of winter, both on road bikes and mountain bikes, where the speed of the wheel is lower and the ventilation of the lens is more complicated.

Unlimited visibility

Another advantage of these DPV glasses is that as they do not have a closed frame, the lens offers a wider field of vision.

Cyclists who take a more aggressive position, more lying down on the bike, will benefit especially from this issue, as in that situation, they resort more to looking at the top of the lens, having their head more inclined towards the ground.

In any case, the vision is very wide and allows us to have a greater control of what we have in front of us, something that when we are riding at high speed and in areas where vision is complicated or more reduced, is appreciated. We refer to when we practise mountain biking on trails or in closed places, when it is getting dark or when we pass through areas with shadows.

Our test glasses have a red lens, with a category 3 filter. A filter that slightly obscures the light from the environment. Enough to be able to see without any problem in very sunny environments, but at the same time allow us to see also when we pass through shady areas.

Good support and comfort

In operation, the DPVs fit well to the face. Not so much because of the material of the frame, which can even be a little hard compared to other models, but because of the ergonomics of the frame. The way the lens area and temples wrap around the face makes for optimal support. The fact that the glasses are always in place, do not move and fit perfectly also contributes to the comfort that Aelo DPVs offer.

Who’s it for?

For cyclists or runners looking for comfortable, wrap-around glasses with a wide field of vision. They are also very interesting for users who need glasses with a good anti-fog capability on one side or use them in very bright conditions.

Final verdict

Sports glasses are highly recommended because of their wide field of vision, wrap-around shape and low lens fogging. All this for a price that is below average, for its level of performance.


Viewing range

High protection due to the fact that it is an enclosure

Frame attachment


Slightly hard frame material





Aelo matte black


Open frame glasses. Filter lens with category 3. Hypoallergenic thermoplastic nasal bridge.

Included with purchase

Microfiber case and box.

Other options

With photochromic lens


39 g

More information here

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