We tested the Alé Blend Jersey

Since the launch of its first collection in 2013, Alé has already carved out an important niche for itself among the most demanding cycling enthusiasts with its clothing. We wanted to test one of their best-selling jerseys, the Blend. A tight-fitting and surprisingly lightweight garment that combines technology and classic Italian textile design

Who’s it for?

For those who are looking for a jersey in which lightness and breathability are paramount.  This is what this Blend model offers and therefore, what gives us a very clear idea of what type of cyclist may be more interested in their performance or why not, at what time of year may be more appropriate to purchase a garment like this.

Maillot Alé Blend

Three fabrics and maximum breathability

The keys to this Blend being so breathable are, on the one hand, the level of perforation of its fabric and on the other hand, the three well differentiated panels in the pattern, which Alé Cycling calls “Body Mapping”.

With the garment on it is easy to perceive what we are referring to. You can clearly feel how the texture in the chest and abdomen area is microperforated and with a very light fabric, the shoulders and the rest of the arms is another, with much larger holes and the neck area is very different, with a more consistent fabric. This generates a feeling of ventilation and adaptation to the anatomy unique to this jersey.

Maillot Alé Blend - detalle

Like you’re wearing nothing…

After several kilometres already with this Blend jersey we can assure that whoever tries it, will have a feeling similar to wearing nothing on the body. And it is not so much because of the pattern or the elasticity of the fabric (it has only 8% elastane when other brands use up to 20%), but because of the lightness of its fabric, this jersey is really comfortable. While other garments feel comfortable because of the precision in the cut and design of its panels, the elasticity or even the compression effect exerted by the different parts of the garment, this Blend achieves this by having a fabric so light that you hardly notice that it presses or that it contacts the skin.

Despite the fact that the sleeves are not “cut to fit”, they feel comfortable and allow maximum breathability in the arms. In keeping with current trends, the sleeves of this jersey reach almost to the elbows, thus covering almost the entire arm. The zipper, YKK type, also has an oversized flap in the upper area, to avoid direct contact of its metal puller with the skin.

As in other jerseys, but especially in the higher range of the Blend, there is no label in the neck area, but the information is printed on the inside of the garment, which also favours comfort on the move.

Although it is less generous than in other models of the competition, this jersey also has a silicone band, thin as we say, to ensure some fixation of the waist of the garment to our body. Due to the small size of this band, it is not one of the best we have tested, although considering its lightness, it is less determinant than other more consistent jerseys. However, when we load the back pockets a lot, we miss more support to the body in this area.

Maillot Alé Blend - ambiente

Final verdict

If you are looking for an ultralight and very fresh garment, this Alé Blend is one of the most interesting options. Especially, when its price is really competitive, placing it in the mid-range range when its features, however, are closer to the high end.

In addition to its excellent comfort and breathability, it has an affordable price and, of course, a modern design, typical of Italian cycling textile brands.


Lightweight fabric, only 105g in size S.

Excellent breathability

Quality/price ratio


Perforated fabric reduces your UV protection (you should protect your skin if you do not wear an undershirt)



Alé Cycling




Ultra-lightweight jersey with full front zip. Three panels differentiated in texture and fabric structure. Made of 92% polyester and 8% elastane.


Covers the whole arm, almost up to the elbow. Elastic cuff.


YKK type; with oversized flap that avoids contact with the skin. Front, runs all the way around the garment.

Rear pockets

Three, symmetrical.

Colours available

Yellow-black, black-red, orange-black.


From S to XXXL

More information here

We tested the Alé Blend Jersey
We tested the Alé Blend Jersey Since the launch of its first collection in 2013, Alé has already carved out an important niche for itself among the most demanding cycling enthusiasts with its clothing. We wanted to test one of their best- …
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We tested the Alé Blend Jersey

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