We have tested the Finisseur Core Thermal 2 Jacket

The Core Thermal 2 by Finisseur is, without a doubt, one of the most representative jackets of the brand in its extensive winter collection. A jacket that we have already had the opportunity to try on during the first cold days of this autumn and winter period and that has left us with a very good impression. Its strengths are, in our opinion, the warmth it provides, an excellent capacity to repel water and a very attractive price.

Here are some more details.

Who’s it for?

The first thing that comes to mind when recommending a winter garment like this jacket is knowing what temperatures or weather conditions it will be used in. It should be made clear that this Core Thermal 2 is a jacket with powerful thermal qualities, as its name suggests, recommended for a temperature range of between -1º and 6ºC. In other words, it is a garment to be worn in what, in southern Europe, we understand as intense cold. In this sense, it is the most suitable jacket for those who live in areas where this temperature range is common in winter.

The Finisseur Core Thermal 2 also has Repellent Water technology, supporting a column of up to 10,000 mm, so it is also highly recommended if it is to be used in areas where the winter is also wet.

Finally, it is a good choice if you like elegant clothes, because its single colour design with discreet logos make it a distinguished-looking garment that, among other things, ages very well over the years, from an aesthetic point of view.

Warmth, your best weapon

The Windtex fabric that covers the Core Thermal 2 together with the plush inner surface make this jacket really warm. Something you can appreciate as soon as you put it on. While the Windtex insulates you from the wind, the plush inner surface keeps the air warm between the fabric and your skin, creating a pleasant feeling when the atmosphere outside is very cold.

But in addition to offering excellent protection against low temperatures, it has a great capacity to repel water. This feature makes it a very useful garment on wet, rainy days. It is amazing how the water runs off automatically as soon as it comes into contact with the garment, being repelled thus avoiding the fabric getting soaked. If you do the test, pouring a glass of water over one of the sleeves, for example, you will see how the water never manages to soak into the jacket. This water repellency is what will stop you from getting soaked if the rain is not very intense or if you go out cycling on a very wet days, for example.

These fabrics, like many others used in cycling apparel, require certain care when washing, which we explain in detail in this article.

Pattern for everyone

The Core Thermal 2 is a comfortable garment in the sense that it meets the comfort expectations of a wide spectrum of bikers. It is not the tightest nor most racing style garment available from Finisseur, which allows many more bikers, regardless of their morphology and size to feel comfortable wearing it. Chosen in the right size, the garment does not compress the body very much and obviously allows you to wear one or more layers underneath.

The sleeves fit perfectly in the wrist area, the waist is properly adjusted thanks to an inner silicone band and the neck, which is high profile, offers a more than pleasant thermal protection, something that is appreciated on the coldest days.

The zipper is straight and is of high quality and runs along the whole torso, although we would have liked it to have the typical flap that covers it, thus avoiding possible air entrances inside the garment.

On the back, the Core Thermal 2 offers two large pockets, instead of the three traditional ones found in other Finisseur or other brands’ clothes, for instance. This is a solution that allows you to store more objects in each pocket, although you have to be careful not to carry too much, otherwise you will carry a lot of weight oscillating with your movements on your back.

Final verdict

The Core Thermal 2 is a comfortable garment because of the pleasant feel of its fabrics and also because it is not a very compressive garment, which makes it suitable for any cyclist, regardless of their anatomy.

We love its powerful thermal capacity. It keeps our body warm and protected from moisture and (moderate) rain thanks also to an amazing water repellency.

A high-performance jacket with a really neat price tag.


Relaxed pattern, suitable for a large number of cyclists, with all kinds of morphologies

Excellent thermal protection, very warm garment

Water repellent

Unbeatable value for money


The rear pockets (2) allow you to carry many objects and weight on your back





Core Thermal 2


Specific jacket for winter with high thermal protection and water repellency. Made of 80% polyamide and 20% elastane. Water-repellent fabric up to 10,000 mm in water column. Windtex fabric on the outside and high-profile collar.

Rear pockets

Two, symmetrical.

Colours available

Red, white, fluorescent yellow, green, grey, black


S to 3XL

Colours available

Black-red, black and black-yellow.

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We have tested the Finisseur Core Thermal 2 Jacket
We have tested the Finisseur Core Thermal 2 Jacket The Core Thermal 2 by Finisseur is, without a doubt, one of the most representative jackets of the brand in its extensive winter collection. A jacket that we have already had the opportunit …
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We have tested the Finisseur Core Thermal 2 Jacket

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