Finisseur Core Hybrid Jacket

If there’s one jacket that stands out in the Finisseur collection for this 2020 – 2021 winter, it’s the new Core Hybrid. A garment designed for moderately cold temperatures, for a range of 6ºC to 16ºC and a technology that provides, according to the sensations we have had with them, an exceptional performance.

Who’s it for?

As we say, the Core Hybrid is not the jacket for the harshest and coldest climates. The manufacturer recommends it for the typical temperatures of mild winters, where rain or humidity may be present, as the garment has shown us to have excellent water-repellent properties, as in other Finisseur references, where Water Repellent technology is also used.

The Core Hybrid line also offers a remarkably fitted cut. Something more than other models of the same brand oriented to a more occasional user. This quality will be appreciated by the cyclist who seeks comfort and maximum freedom of movement when riding.

Although it is marketed in various colours, options like the fluorescent yellow we have tried out are perfect for those who opt for brightly coloured, eye-catching garments to make them look good on the road and thus ride somewhat safer from traffic.

Comfortable, lightweight and dry skin

One of the strengths of this Finisseur Core Hybrid is the use of Italian Pidigi and Carvico fabrics. Both allow this jacket to have a higher than average fit and breathability than other garments in this price range.

But the fabrics, HIT Fleece and water-repellent technology are also used in their manufacture. This is done in the front section, which makes this area of the Core Hybrid especially warm and always remains dry. For this reason, it offers great comfort when walking in all circumstances, especially on wet days. The perfect fit to our body and its elastic qualities, made with 20% elastane fibres, give the jacket an extraordinary feeling of lightness and freedom of movement, even when adopting the most aggressive and aerodynamic positions on your bike.

Well finished

The quality of this winter jacket can be seen not only in the texture and feel of the fabric, but also in finishes such as the zipper, of the CamLock type. The good preparation and integration of the high neck, with anti-bacterial treatment to protect our skin and that protects the neck perfectly, the adjustment of their sleeves in the wrists and of course, the effective silicone bands of the waist.

Finishes that someone might argue are also common in other jackets, but certainly not at this price.

The zipper is of high quality and straight, running along the whole torso, although we would have liked it to have the typical flap that covers it, thus avoiding possible air entrances inside the garment.

Final Veredict

The Core Hybrid is one of the winter jackets we’ve tried out recently. Its quality level in the fabrics, but also in the finishes, make the jacket exude quality and more importantly, a feeling of very high comfort and freedom of movement when on the move. It allows you to stay dry in light rain and very humid environments, while offering an almost perfect fit, with good compression and thermal protection thanks to the zone of warm air generated inside it when our body starts to sweat.


Feeling of comfort whilst on the go

A fit that encourages freedom of movement

Water repellent

Offers more performance than similarly priced jackets


We would include more reflective elements.





Core Hybrid


Jacket specially made for winter with moderate thermal protection. It has water-repellent qualities. Made of 80% polyamide and 20% elastane. Fabric that repels up to 10,000 mm in water column. High profile collar and CamLock zipper

Rear pockets

Three, symmetrical.

Colours available

Fluorescent yellow, black, red and orange.


From S to XXXL

More information here

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