We have tested the Finisseur Core 2 jacket

We tell you all the details about one of the most interesting garments of Finisseur for winter, the Core 2 jacket. After trying it out for a few hundred kilometres, it has become clear to us that sometimes you don’t have to spend a fortune to be well equipped against the cold. If you want to know more, keep reading about our test.

Who’s it for?

The Core 2 is a jacket recommended for cyclists riding in areas where, during the winter, the average temperature ranges from 0º to 15ºC. In fact, the manufacturer’s official and specific usage recommendation ranges from 2º to 14ºC. Temperatures that are common in many places during winter and therefore makes it, at first sight, an appealing and suitable jacket for a large part of the cycling population.

The Finisseur Core 2 is therefore a garment with a good, but not extreme, thermal protection that has a not too tight design that makes it very versatile. Ideal for those who prioritise comfort over long distances, rather than aerodynamics, performance and compression, as is the case with the Finisseur Pro line, for example.

Its water-repellent properties would also put it in the spotlight for those who seek some protection against water and go cycling in very wet areas, as it features the Water Repellent membrane, that is already common in Finisseur garments, with a capacity to withstand up to 10 mm in a water column.

Thermal fabric inside, you can tell at first glance

The inner side of the Core 2 is made of a plush fabric that is very pleasant to the touch and, in any case, makes you feel a moderate but pleasant warmth when you wear it. On the go whilst pedalling, this sensation is accentuated, as the heat generated by our body tends to be retained by the action of this fabric, giving rise to a chamber of warm air between our skin or first layer and the jacket.  It is as we say, a moderate warmth, for warmer clothes there is the Thermal line by Finisseur and they are recommended for even lower temperatures.

No air gets in

In addition to the thermal fabric, we liked the way the Core 2 jacket insulates you from the outside air and also helps you stay warm despite being on your bike for hours. We refer to the cuff adjustment solution, with a wide elastic cuff, high profile collar and silicone inserts on the inside of the waist.

These three points mean that the jacket, although not as tight as other more racing style jackets, keeps you isolated from the air that may come from the outside and if it were to get inside the garment, would cool us down considerably, generating a sensation of cold and discomfort. This aspect is very important and we have been very grateful during our rides with it, seeing that even when changing position on the bike or moving when pedalling standing up, the air does not get inside the jacket.

Everlasting design

The design and aesthetics of this jacket is, in our opinion, another plus point. Finisseur has sensibly chosen a simple elegant style, without a flashy visual design. Only available in single-colour options. In red, like the garment that we tested, but also in fluorescent yellow, orange, or black. The Core 2 will age very well over time. It is a garment that has a fairly neutral design and therefore does not go out of fashion, something that is appealing if your intention is to take care of it and keep it for several seasons.

Final verdict

It has an elegant and long-lasting design, warm and pleasant touch, quality Italian fabrics, water-repellent properties, comfort and versatility of use. The truth is that little or nothing more can be asked of a thermal jacket like this one, which, in terms of price, remains below the psychological barrier of 100 euros.

Totally recommended if you are looking for a neat price, comfort and good protection against the cold, as long as it does not make the thermometer go down to negative values.


Relaxed, multi-purpose, long-distance design

Pleasant feeling on the interior

Water repellent

Quality/price ratio


Nothing to complain about, nothing to improve upon.





Core 2


Specific jacket for winter with Italian fabrics, with moderate thermal protection and water repellency. Made of 80% polyamide and 20% elastane. Water-repellent fabric up to 10,000 mm in water column.

Rear pockets

Three, symmetrical.

Colours available

Red, fluorescent yellow, orange, black or dark blue.


S to 3XL

More information here

We have tested the Finisseur Core 2 jacket
We have tested the Finisseur Core 2 jacket We tell you all the details about one of the most interesting garments of Finisseur for winter, the Core 2 jacket. After trying it out for a few hundred kilometres, it has become clear to us that s …
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We have tested the Finisseur Core 2 jacket

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