New Balance invited us to the presentation of its latest performance shoe model among a group of five European online players.

On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of February, our colleagues Daniel Ortiz and Marta Molina had the opportunity to travel to Boston to live the New Balance experience by participating in the event-presentation of the New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Elite v3, a specially-designed model for runners who pursue performance in their long distance races and, specifically, for marathon runners. The presentation took place in the context of the celebration of the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix where Marta and Dani had the opportunity to visit the brand’s headquarters and see the professional athletes of the NB team in full competition.

Dani and Marta tell us that the event was held with a small group of players in the sports market among which deporvillage was the only Spanish company. At no time did they cease to be surprised by what they saw, the atmosphere and all the activities that were prepared for them. Marta points out that, “as the person in charge of New Balance in deporvillage, it was a real pleasure to get to know the brand from the inside as well as its incredible team. Everything they have created is what I take away from this great American experience.

During the presentation, not only did they have the opportunity to see the new model, but the brand’s product managers Danny Orr, Chris Morfesi and Paul Zielinski gave them a sneak peek of some of the new products coming in 2024, and trust us, they are not to be missed! The day began with a visit to New Balance’s global headquarters in Boston. From the moment you step inside you can feel the brand and the hard work behind every launch and every technical improvement.

One of the spaces that most attracted their attention was the laboratory, a huge area where all the tests on the new technologies coming into the sector are carried out, on the most innovative materials and where the R&D team researches the best ways to apply them to their models. From there, they moved on to the product testing area. With a basketball court equipped with the latest technology to analyse how the shoes respond to each movement, strength platforms to study the reaction of the shoes to the runner’s stimulus, a stress test area to check the effect of the technologies applied on the athlete’s performance… A real laboratory equipped with the most advanced technologies that allow the brand to bring out pioneering innovations to the market! But what surprised them the most was the TRACK, an indoor athletics track where not only specific athletics and running product tests are carried out but also competitions of the different sports groups around the city and high-level competitions like the one they experienced on Saturday from the front row, in the VIP area.

It was on the athletics track, after visiting the facilities and meeting some of the most important figures of the brand, where Dani, Marta and the rest of the event’s participants had the opportunity to try the new FuelCell SuperComp Elite v3 shoes, a model designed for long-distance runners, especially Marathon runners, who are looking for reactive footwear that provide energy and speed. The improvements are noticeable as soon as you put the shoes on. The midsole, which has been completely redesigned, brings with it a breakthrough: the Energy Arc. An innovative technology that strategically links the carbon fibre plate, which offers maximum reactivity and energy return, with strategically shaped spaces placed throughout the midsole to maximise the energy stored and return it back into the stride. In addition, it also improves the FuelCell foam used for the midsole in order to offer a lighter and more energy-returning shoe than its predecessor model while maintaining a 4 mm drop. Finally, it is worth mentioning the progress that has been made in terms of the upper and the incorporation of an integrated tongue that provides an aerodynamic fit and a secure hold on the foot allowing you to comfortably run all the kilometres you have ahead of you. Amazing shoes that are sure to appeal to marathon runners looking for comfort and reactivity in their footwear!

But the surprises didn’t end there. In the evening, New Balance invited our category managers and the other participants to the presentation to watch one of the most popular American spectacles: an NBA game between the Boston Celtics and the Phoenix Suns!

The cherry on top was the chance to watch the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix from the VIP area of the track, a high-competition event where they could see Spain’s Esther Guerrero setting a new Spanish indoor mile record, Mariano Garcia winning the 800m sprint, and Femke Bol, triple gold medallist at the Munich 2022 Europeans breaking the 500m world record.

Daniel Ortiz, Running Category Manager and athlete, says, “As an athlete, I’ve enjoyed watching many of my favourite athletes, as well as learning about the technological advances in running shoes and everything that goes into building a great shoe. A really positive experience.

This presentation is part of the New Balance brand’s project to consolidate its position in the running and competitive sports sector. For some time now, the brand has been working on its footwear and performance wear collections with the help of athletes and experts in the different sports for which it creates products. In order to offer the most suitable options for athletes, they work very closely with athletes and experts from the moment the products are chosen to the defining of the final model to be launched on the market – always based on the tests carried out in their test areas and outdoors on real terrain.

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