Vittoria launches Corsa PRO – the most advanced cotton road tyre ever made, delivering unmatched pro-level racing performance and riding feeling – winner of 22 stages and 12 one-day races at World Tour level since the start of the season.

Compared to the previous Tour-winner version, Corsa PRO tubeless-ready clincher and tubular offer increased speed, wet & cornering grip, puncture resistance and comfort.

Corsa PRO uses Vittoria latest developed graphene & silica compound, and a new electrical vulcanization process, allowing a seamless application of the tread to the casing.

Corsa PRO is Vittoria’s new top-of-the-range road racing tyre, the choice of performance-oriented cyclists aspiring to the equipment used by World Tour riders. Within Vittoria road tyres range, Corsa PRO is above Corsa N.EXT and comes at € 94.95 (TLR) and € 119.00 (tubular) retail price.

Cotton tyres: The choice of World Tour riders

Vittoria racing heritage is deeply connected with the success of Corsa cotton tyres, which are – and have always been – the tyre choice of countless riders in the peloton. So many iconic races have been won on Vittoria cotton tyres: 19 Tour de France, 18 Giro d’Italia, 10 Vuelta a España, not to count the victories at the Classics, World Championships, European Championships and Olympic Games.

From October 2022, the brand-new Vittoria Corsa PRO cotton tyres have been used in race by Team Jumbo-Visma, Alpecin-Deceuninck, Education First-Easy Post, Team DSM, Astana-Qazaqstan, Lotto Dstny and many others.

The seamless cotton casing tyre 

When it comes to Top Performance applications, Cotton tyre casing has superior qualities compared with nylon. It’s more supple, more flexible, and lighter. Cotton allows the casing to perfectly adhere to every ripple of the tarmac, resulting in continuous contact between the tyre and the ground, effective grip and never-ending traction.

With the new Corsa PRO clinchers, Vittoria engineers succeeded in incorporating the rubber tyre tread with the cotton casing by a new and more sustainable electrical vulcanization. Through this process, the rubber tread is completely embedded with the casing, creating a 100% seamless product. The benefits are related to improved flexibility, which grants even more suppleness and perfect adaptability to the terrain. In addition, the laboratory tests have proven significant aerodynamics drag gains in fast-paced disciplines. Corsa PRO 320 TPI cotton casing – the finest available in the market – provides that suppleness, comfort and lightweight pro-riders are used to but now served in a stronger tyre construction which boosts the tyre speed.

New compound & features for increased performance

Corsa PRO features the Graphene + Silica compound, the most advanced compound technology by Vittoria for road racing tyres. This compound combines Vittoria proven Graphene research-applied knowledge with Silica, a material which specifically improves road tyre performance in terms of speed, durability, and grip. Corsa PRO features a puncture protection belt – a high-density – low weight layer placed between the tread and the casing – and a bead shield for improved protection and resistance.

While Corsa PRO is pro riders’ go-to tyre for the majority of one-day races and stage races,

Corsa PRO Control version is their choice when dealing with the most extreme road surfaces – such as cobblestones and gravel – as well as the most extreme weather conditions. In fact, Corsa PRO Control now features a new fishbone texture for increased handling capability when cornering, and a thicker tread for increased puncture protection and extended wear-life, making it the perfect tyre choice at the Northern Classics and Strade Bianche.

Being Corsa PRO and Corsa PRO Control for the most advanced and demanding riders, both tyres are available in Tubeless-Ready version, allowing in any case a very easy-to-install inner-tube configuration. Corsa PRO is already available in tubular version also.

ModelPerformance Improvements​TLR*Tubular**
Speed / Rolling Performance​+ 12 %​+ 14 %
Puncture Resistance+ 18 %+ 7 %
Weight​– 4 %​– 4 %
PRO Control
Speed / Rolling Performance​+ 2 %​
Puncture Resistance+ 19 %​
Weight​– 2 %​

*average gain vs previous Corsa and Corsa Control TLR generations.
**average gain vs previous Corsa Tubular generation.

Last but not the least, Corsa PRO in clincher version features a QR Code printed on the tyre hot patch through which it is possible for riders to access useful information about the tyre, such as tutorials, recommended air pressures, recommended tubes and accessories, as well as the location of the nearest Vittoria dealer.

Sizing, Tech Details and Recommended Prices

ModelSize​ETRTO​Construction​Hookless Compatibility​Material​Compound​Weight​MSRP
320 TPI​
Graphene + Silica​265 g​

€ 94,95
700x26c​26-622​-​275 g​
700x28c​28-622​✔​295 g​
700x30c​30-622​✔​300 g​
700x32c​32-622​✔​320 g​
23-28​23-28​Tubular​-​Corespun K
320 TPI​
Graphene + Silica​285 g​

€ 119,00
25-28​25-28​-​295 g​
28-28​28-28​-​340 g​
30-28​30-28​-​365 g​
PRO Control
320 TPI​
Graphene + Silica​295 g 
€ 94,95
700x28c28-622​✔​320 g
700x30c30-622​✔​325 g
700x32c32-622​✔​350 g
700x34c34-622✔​370 g

Corsa PRO and Corsa Pro Control are only available in its natural cotton colour (Para/Tan sidewall), for the fastest Pro’s and for normal humans.

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