We put the Salomon Sense ride 5 and Ultra glide to the test

Last Wednesday 24th May we organised a trail running test to try out two of the latest trail running shoes from Salomon: the Sense ride 5 and the Ultra glide 2. 

The exclusive experience took place at the state-of-the-art Deporvillage facility, where more than 30 running enthusiasts immersed themselves in a special trail running session. This event was strategically designed to provide participants with new tips and techniques to enhance their performance in the field and achieve new sporting goals.

The event began with the distribution of Salomon-Deporvillage T-shirts, followed by a technical conference presented by Salomon brand ambassador José Irurozqui Soto. During the talk, the main technical features of each pair of shoes that the runners were going to test were highlighted. Salomon ambassadors Jordi Vallès from Deporvillage and Pol Rodríguez shared their knowledge about each shoe model, having had the opportunity to use these new models in their last trail races. They emphasised the significant improvements compared to previous models and explained how they were able to see these improvements first hand.

Professional trail runners consider the Sense Ride 5 to be the top-of-the-range “all-terrain” shoe, noting their versatility in terms of terrain, distance and speed. These versatile runners choose this model to venture out on all types of terrain. The shoe features a durable Energy Foam midsole, which makes it softer than the previous version, achieving a perfect balance between cushioning and reactivity.

The Ultra Glide 2, on the other hand, are described as the ideal ultra-distance shoes, perfect for racking up the miles on a variety of terrains. Ultramarathon runners have been enthusiastic about this improved version of Salomon’s trail shoes, as they are more comfortable and offer more grip. They are also highly breathable and still surprisingly light, weighing only 270 grams.

Once the runners had chosen the model to test, they embarked on a 7km training session over a route with technical terrain. The route, led by the three brand ambassadors, José Irurozqui, Pol Rodríguez and Jordi Vallès, took them on a circular trail with elevation changes, testing the shoes’ ability to react to the diversity of muddy terrain.

On returning to Deporvillage HQ, the runners had the opportunity to recharge their batteries with a refreshment bar that included a selection of fruit and energy bars. During this time, they exchanged opinions and feelings about the shoes both among themselves and with the brand representatives.

The event, which started at 19:00h and lasted until 21:00h, provided a valuable opportunity to strengthen the connection between the running community and Deporvillage. The brand prides itself on offering challenges like this one, which help users achieve their goals. For this reason, at the end of the meeting, Deporvillage gave the participants a discount voucher, so that they could get a pair of Salomon shoes and continue to rack up those miles in the best possible way.

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