The best pedals for road bikes

Shimano 105 R7000 SPD-SL

The Shimano 105 R7000 pedals share many features with the Dura-Ace R9100 pedals, and the Ultegra R8000, the metal wear plate is now split. But unlike their more expensive siblings, whose wear plates are moulded directly into the composite bodies, the 105 R7000 model has the plates bolted in place, allowing them to be replaced.

The Shimano 105 R7000 pedals are redesigned to offer high-end features at an affordable price. Built specifically for Shimano’s SPD-SL cleat system, this system is considered the most efficient on the market and completely specific to the world’s top road cyclists. The perfect connection between pedal and cleat is made possible for more efficient power transfer during the extreme pedalling during races. The all-carbon body provides rigidity and durability, and the stainless-steel exterior ensures excellent durability for this indispensable component.


Shimano Ultegra R8000

The Shimano Ultegra R8000 pedals have been optimised in power transfer to get the most out of every pedal stroke. In order to do this, Shimano engineers have reduced the pedal body so that the pedal is closer to the axle. As a result, there is no loss of power when pedalling and an optimum balance between low weight and maximum power transfer can be achieved. The carbon body rotates on a stainless-steel axle and a stainless-steel plate has been added to ensure the durability of the pedal.

With a 32° release angle and adjustable tension, the Shimano Ultegra R8000 pedal offers the rider great security when anchoring and releasing the shoe from the pedal.


Look Kéo Blade Carbon Black

The Look Kéo Blade Carbon pedals offer one of the best power-to-weight ratios in their class. Equipped with a carbon body and blade, the Blade Carbon have a weight of 110 grams per pedal, but is also available in a version with a titanium axle with a weight of only 95 grams per pedal. It is available in three tension release levels: 12, 16 y 20.

In addition to reduced weight, the Look Kéo Blade Carbon offers a larger surface area (700 mm2) for the cleats and a reinforced axle. The aim is to provide a larger pedal area so that the rider can transmit as much power as possible.


Look Kéo Blade Carbon Ceramic Black

The new Look Kéo Blade Carbon Ceramic pedals are designed for maximum performance in competition. With a new design that fully integrates the blade for unmatched aerodynamics, they are made with a carbon body and blade; and a CroMoly+ axle for a weight of 110g per pedal. The new Blade Carbon’s spindle system has been completely redesigned. This new construction saves approximately 2 watts at 100 rpm. The distance between the roller bearing and needle bearings has been increased by 25%. This provides more rigidity along the length of the spindle and, therefore improves power transmission. Special attention has also been given to their water resistance. This has been improved by 120% for more reliability and longevity.

In response to requests from the most demanding cyclists, especially competitors, the system must allow an efficient power transfer thanks to a wider and more rigid pedal platform. The support surface of the Blade Carbon Ceramic is equipped with a 67 mm wide over-moulded stainless-steel plate that optimises the cleat/pedal contact zones, regardless of the pedalling angle adopted. With a surface area of 700mm2 the Blade Carbon Ceramic offers an optimised contact platform for power transfer that is incomparable on the market.


Pedales Time XPro 15

The Time Xpro 15 pedals are the highest expression of technology. The new carbon body and the new design create a stronger structure, which transfers all the rider’s power to the road. Force transfer and stability are improved with a surface area of 725 mm2, larger than the already large surface area of the 700 mm2 Xpresso. The Iclic system has been redesigned to allow for easier docking. Xpro 15 has the same CeramicSpeed bearings and super lightweight titanium axle as Xpresso 15, with a total weight of 87.3 grams per pedal. The carbon shovel is adjustable in 3 positions to optimise the engagement voltage. Like Xpresso, the stack height is low, keeping the rider’s sole as close as possible to the centre of the pedal spindle. This, together with the large pedal surface, offers unparalleled efficiency and pedalling comfort.


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The best pedals for road bikes
The best pedals for road bikes Shimano 105 R7000 SPD-SL The Shimano 105 R7000 pedals share many features with the Dura-Ace R9100 pedals, and the Ultegra R8000, the metal wear plate is now split. But unlike their more expensive siblings, who …
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The best pedals for road bikes

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