Theragun PRO Muscle Stimulator

The Theragun stimulator of this test is one of the most effective tools that professional and amateur athletes can have to take care of their muscles through percussion therapy. This consists of applying a sequence of micro-impacts to the muscles at specific frequencies that help to eliminate the muscular tension generated by the activity or overuse of the muscles, favouring recovery or the reduction and treatment of discomfort. Devices such as Theragun have a motor that moves the arm that applies these impacts that stimulate and regenerate our muscles. 

We have had the opportunity to use the PRO version, the top of the range of this American company founded by Dr. Jarson Werlsland, for a few weeks. Here is our experience and evaluation.

Theragun Pro, the ultimate

Our test unit corresponds to the PRO version of this famous stimulator. This means that of all the Theragun stimulators in the catalogue, this is the one with the highest performance. Most importantly, the Pro has the longest battery life of the entire range, with a lithium battery (two are included with purchase) of 150 minutes each. As an exclusive element, this Pro version also has a rotating hammer, so that we have been able to apply the treatment in a more comfortable way, from different angles of attack to better reach different areas of our body such as a calf, lower back or shoulders. Finally, it should be noted that only this top of the range version has the most powerful motor and applies the highest percussion speed, it is the QX150 motor compared to the QX65 that for example uses the Theragun Elite, the next lower.


Impeccable quality

The level of the product in terms of finish and quality is exceptional. This is a premium device and it certainly doesn’t disappoint in the hands. The rubber and plastics that form the structure of what we can call a pistol are of high quality. They have no gaps and the joints between them are impeccable. The swivel arm also has no play whatsoever, its movements are precise. This strength of its structure and quality of construction makes the Theragun better withstand travel, trips and any kind of use. Let’s not forget that many athletes take this type of device with them to competitions or training sites, for example. Likewise, the central on/off button and the circular one that surrounds it, by means of which we change the mode or the speed of the percussion programs, is of good workmanship.

It should be noted that the pack of this Theragun PRO incorporates a number of different heads for the percussion arm, so we can vary the depth and type of contact according to the muscle area or needs to be treated, even one of the tips is foam, for massages or treatments that require a very soft percussion.

All the utensils are presented in a practical rigid case that will help us to keep all the material better.

Connectivity with the App

Theragun has an app that you can download to your mobile phone to not only control the device, but also to suggest different routines and sequences in your therapies, according to your needs and sporting habits. In fact, the device can store up to 3 different routines. For the best information the Theragun app can be synced with Apple Health or Google Fit. This is a functionality that is perhaps not aimed at top-level athletes, because in these cases the needs are so specific that they cannot be covered by more general solutions… 


How do they work?

Our experience with the Theragun PRO was based on several sessions carried out post-workout. We applied the device mainly on leg muscles, as our activities were cycling, such as the quadriceps, calf muscles or hamstrings. But also, sometimes we applied the percussions in areas of the back, mainly trapezius that after long cycling sessions were loaded.

Of the 5 percussion speeds that the device allows (1750, 1900, 2100, 200 and 2400 percussions per minute), during the first sessions we used only the two lower ones (1750 and 1900). Unless you are used to this type of therapy, the higher speeds can be uncomfortable at first. However, it is curious to observe how the musculature quickly adapts to the percussions and after several sessions it is already possible to increase the speeds, which on the other hand, achieve a more forceful effect.

But it is not only in the speeds that we have been adapting the use of the Theragun, but also in the type of head used. The truth is that depending on the muscle or area we want to treat we should use one type or another. In our experience, when treating a weak muscle in an area with little muscle mass, we should use a rounder and softer head, just as in areas close to or with a bony surface. In this way we will avoid generating pain and/or over stimulate and a muscle that may not be prepared for that forcefulness of percussion. 

On the other hand, when treating stronger muscles such as the quadriceps or gluteus, for example, we can use sharper heads and higher speeds. A recommendation: do the session sometime after the training if it was particularly intense and modulate the drumming session at a slower speed if you have trained very hard. It happens as in conventional massage sessions. Likewise, do not do a very intense drumming session before a hard training or competition.

The sensation that the sessions with the Theragun produce is really pleasant. You notice how it makes the blood flow into the muscle and how it has less tension. The muscle increases in temperature and becomes somewhat looser, reducing any tension or overload you had before.

Only the loudness, although advertised as a quiet device, we consider a small drawback. Indoors at low speed, the Theragun generates about 60 decibels, a level of noise that is perceived as slightly noisy in the living room.


The operation is impeccable, we like the numerous functions it offers in terms of number of heads, speeds of use, possibility of rotating the striker arm and the connectivity with the app and its suggestions of programs. A premium product for demanding athletes.



Very effective and mouldable massage effect

Number of options in speed, type of massage and routines

Ergonomics of the gun and rotary hammer

Quality of finish


We would like it to be quieter.

Technical information






High level massage or percussion gun. Premium finishes and a powerful QX150 motor that applies up to 40 impacts per second on the muscle with a force of up to 27 kg.

Rotary hammer, lithium batteries, 


Set of 5 different heads in case, two lithium batteries allowing 150′ of autonomy each, charger, transformers, carrying case. 


255mm x 180mm x 76mm


1.3 kg



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Test: Theragun PRO Muscle Stimulator
Theragun PRO Muscle Stimulator The Theragun stimulator of this test is one of the most effective tools that professional and amateur athletes can have to take care of their muscles through percussion therapy. This consists of applying a …
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Test: Theragun PRO Muscle Stimulator

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