Test: Sportful Neo Bib Shorts

With the Neo bib shorts, Sportful continues to prove that it is one of the best value for money cycling apparel manufacturers in almost any level of the range. We didn’t need too many kilometres to perceive how the Neo offers a great feeling and performance above the average of many of the bib shorts that we can find on the market for a similar price.

Higher technical level

Maybe it’s because of their extensive experience, almost 50 years manufacturing technical clothing for sports such as skiing and cycling, or because of their extensive experience dressing some of the best cyclists in the world, but the truth is that Sportful garments are made in an outstanding way. This means that, almost always, their clothes are comfortable and with great features.

In the same vein is the Neo. One pair of their bib shorts that we could place between the medium and high range of the Italian brand and that, for their technical characteristics and how they adapt to our bodies, we move towards feelings that are undoubtedly more common in superior bib shorts and that could well be 30% more expensive.

The selection of flat seams (not all of the garment’s seams are flat), the finish of the elastic on the legs, the level of elasticity of the straps and the softness of these and above all, the way in which the different panels are joined and the compression that each of them exert, makes the comfort of the Neo clearly superior to the majority of bib shorts in their category.

Compressive effect, the key

As we have already mentioned, the compression effect of these shorts is perhaps one of their most outstanding points and contributes to the feeling of comfort, but at the same time, of a certain tension on our muscles that predispose us to a good performance. This subtle compression, without localised points of excessive pressure, is really difficult to achieve and not all manufacturers achieve it to the same extent. Sportful, as we have mentioned, has great experience in this and thanks to the use of Elast-X fabric these Neo shorts exert some compression on our muscles. The key is not only in the type of fabric. Also, in the tension they exert on each of the panels that, as if it were a layered puzzle, form the Neo bib shorts. In this way, thanks to the sum of the tension of each panel we get a final compression on our body that is a differential value in this garment.

Culote Sportful Neo compresion

Flawless chamois pad

The chamois pad used in the Neo bib shorts is a Sportful classic. This is the Comfort Pro, a single piece of padding with variable thickness and certain elastic properties that allow it to adapt even better to our body and movements.

Without being Sportful’s most sophisticated chamois, the Comfort Pro is very comfortable, with a density level that is more than correct and sufficient even for long distances.

Culote Sportful Neo - badana

About straps, ventilation and sizing

The area of the straps and the rear grid that joins them in the back is well resolved. In our opinion, the most important thing is that it does not have any seams or embossing that could cause chafing. Although the straps are finished with elastic bands at the edges, they are soft to the touch.

Both the shoulder straps and the panel that covers the back have the same type of perforation and allow good ventilation.

The elasticated leg straps are wide and fit snugly around the thigh. Perhaps they are a bit narrow when compared to other brands of the same size, so keep this in mind if you have very voluminous thighs.

Culote Sportful Neo - tirantes

Final verdict

The Sportful Neo bib shorts are a perfect choice for those looking for the best compromise between comfort, performance and price. In a garment that, in addition, by its quality of manufacture will last a long time in your wardrobe.


Excellent compression level and fit.

Quality/performance/price ratio.


Leg sizing is a little tight, you may need a size up if you have big quads.







High technical level bib shorts, with Elast-X compressive fabric and Comfort Pro one-piece chamois. Perforated straps and mesh on the back. Use of flat seams.


Perforated in the form of a grid. With elastic band at the edges.

Chamois pad

Comfort Pro, with anatomical shape, elastic properties and different thicknesses.

Leg elastic

With flat seams and a width of 5 cm.

Available sizes

S, M, L, XL and XXL

Colours available

Black or black combined with blue, red or white.

More information here

Test: Sportful Neo Bib Shorts
Test: Sportful Neo Bib Shorts With the Neo bib shorts, Sportful continues to prove that it is one of the best value for money cycling apparel manufacturers in almost any level of the range. We didn't need too many kilometres to perceive how …
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Test: Sportful Neo Bib Shorts

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