Spiuk Korben Iridescent Helmet 

We tried the Korben with an Iridescent finish, one of the most attractive helmets in Spiuk’s extensive range. It is a model that offers an interesting balance between quality, design and lightness at a price that is below the barrier of 90 euros. A top seller that is the ideal option for countless cyclists.

Sporty design

Just looking at it makes it clear to us the character and orientation of this Spiuk helmet. Its sharp, aerodynamic shape, particularly smooth surface and generous ventilation holes give it away as a sporty helmet, specifically for those seeking performance, ventilation and aerodynamics in the head area.

Aesthetically speaking, it is very compact and neat. At the front, the contour of the Korben helmet converges at a vertex from which the whole structure starts backwards, enveloping the contour of the rider’s head. This particular shape gives it an air of remarkable lightness and aerodynamics.  In the same front plane, the helmet has 4 generous openings or ventilation slats that connect with another 5 at the back, generating an internal air flow that ventilates our head.

If we look at the back of the head, we can see that the Korben has these 5 air outlet windows, three of them are medium sized and two are very large, which greatly favours ventilation at the back of the head.

To give the Spiuk that racing feel, there is the spectacular Iridescent colour finish, a metallic violet tone that tends towards green as the sunlight hits it. 

Spiuk Korben


Regarding the structure and above all the technologies that the Korben helmet offers, we have to say that there are several and very advanced ones for a helmet for less than 100 euros. A model that, at a technological level, is above average in this range of helmets.

The first of these is the Multi-Shell which provides this helmet with an outer shell system. This system absorbs impacts better on the one hand, but also makes the aesthetics and structure of the helmet better-preserved over time, due to enhanced maintenance of the EPS, its internal material. In fact, during our test, the Korben remained unchanged.

The rear adjustment of the helmet allows up to 3 positions, 3 heights. In this way we can choose at what angle the helmet fits the head by operating the rear pulley. This is really an advantage when it comes to customising and adapting the helmet to each cyclist’s morphology.

The belt adjustment system is also outstanding. It allows to adapt the height of the union of these, as well as its tautness in a fast, simple way and makes the helmet feel much more comfortable as the straps do not produce any tension since they do not adapt to our physiognomy.

Spiuk Korben

Like a glove, even though it’s a helmet

The great feel of the pads, the straps and the ventilation provided by the internal air flow channels mean that, in our test, the Spiuk Korben really did offer a remarkable feeling of comfort when riding. A feeling that reminds us of the popular phrase “it fits like a glove”.

Obviously, the helmet will be able to adapt more or less according to the morphology of each cyclist’s head, but thanks to its strap adjustment system and the subsequent millimetre adjustment per pulley, we believe that this helmet will adapt without any problem to any cyclist, thus offering, as we say, high levels of comfort.

We also value its safety very highly. Not only because of its MultiShell technology with multiple shells that we have mentioned above, but also because the contour of the helmet covers and descends over much of our head in the frontal and occipital areas, for example.

Final verdict

The Korben is an aesthetically pleasing and very sporty helmet, but more importantly and with good reason when it comes to safety and being on the go, it is really comfortable and very well ventilated. If we add all to this a price of just 90 euros, taking into account everything it offers, we believe that it is a helmet for almost any road cycling or mountain biking user in the XC discipline.


API impact safety with visco-elastic material

Internal ventilation

Quality/price ratio


The feel of the subsequent millimetre adjustment could be better

Technical information




Korben Iridescent


Sports helmet, with a certain aero character. With anti-shock MultiShell technology, it adjusts in the back at three different angles and has a removable casing for improved aerodynamics and protection from the cold and rain. 

Ventilation holes


Available sizes

S-M and M-L

Colours available

Iridescent, turquoise, burgundy-turquoise, navy blue, white, silver, red, Italian colours


273 g (size M- L)

More information here

Test: Spiuk Korben Iridescent Helmet
Spiuk Korben Iridescent Helmet  We tried the Korben with an Iridescent finish, one of the most attractive helmets in Spiuk's extensive range. It is a model that offers an interesting balance between quality, design and lightness at a p …
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Test: Spiuk Korben Iridescent Helmet

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