Spiuk Anatomic Bib Shorts

These Spiuk Anatomic bib shorts that we tested offer, for a very reasonable price, really satisfactory levels of quality and comfort. They´re not the most technologically-advanced bib shorts nor the ones with the best features on the market, but they’re one of the best in their price range. 

Great bib shorts for those looking to get into cycling seriously or those who prioritise the price in their purchases.

Quality/price ratio

The Anatomic are one of the most economical bib shorts from Spiuk, the renowned Biscayan manufacturer that has an extensive catalogue of clothing products and equipment for cyclists.

Despite being an entry-level product, the Spiuk Anatomic have a remarkable level of adaptation to the body. Something you notice from the very moment you put them on. The lycra has bi-directional stretch, a solution that Spiuk calls Ergodryfresh. This bidirectional tension generated by the fabric allows the garment to quickly snap back to its initial position once it is no longer stretched, to exert a certain compression on our body, contributing to a better recovery and venous return and to a better comfort, as it has a more optimised fit to our anatomy. 

Spiuk Anatomic

It is also true that after several washes, the elasticity of these shorts has not changed and the same compression and elasticity is perceived with use, something to be valued in shorts of this price.

We also liked the fit of the chamois to the body. Although it is also true that its density does not make the Anatomic the ideal bib shorts for long distances (the manufacturer itself recommends a use limited to 3 hours). This fundamental piece in any bib shorts, is elastic and mouldable enough, thanks to its division by panels, so that we feel it well fixed and adhered to our body. We can stand up to pedal and sit on the saddle as many times as we want because the pad is always in the same place.

The feel on the skin

While the feeling that the leg loops, the chamois and the waist area give us when in contact with the skin is more than adequate; in the area of the straps this perception varies significantly. Although these are made of micro-perforated fabric and therefore contribute to better breathability, they have at the same time some somewhat bulky seams on the edges. This can cause some friction on the skin. However, this will only affect those who have sensitive skin and do not wear a base layer top, which we always recommend, even in summer. 

As for the straps, they are at the same good level as the rest of the garment, with a great capacity for elasticity and support. In addition, they join at the back with a mesh panel to promote breathability. This is a very common solution in many models of bib shorts, but certainly not in this quality and price range.

Spiuk Anatomic

Understated and subtle design

Although there are up to 5 colour options, all of them are combined with black as the main colour. The Spiuk Anatomic bib shorts are a garment of sober aesthetics, with hardly any graphics and only with the logo of the brand printed on the right leg. 

Sober designs like the Anatomic allow the garment to age better, at least from an aesthetic point of view, because black bib shorts will never go out of fashion and can become an essential wardrobe item. If we add to that their good resistance to the passage of time thanks to their two-way stretch fabric to which we have referred before which means the garment maintains the same elasticity over time, so you’ll have the Anatomic bib shorts for a long time.

Spiuk Anatomic

Final verdict

The Anatomic are one of the best bib shorts we have tested in their category. Few models offer even the same for less than 50 euros. Good and durable elasticity of their fabrics, compression effect, optimal adaptation of the chamois to the body and sober design that makes them go with any other garment.


Unbeatable value for money

Elasticity and fit of the garment

Mouldable and very adaptable chamois pad


Low density pad for long rides

Technical information






Low-cost bib shorts with particularly stretchy fabric and certain compressive properties. They have an intermediate density chamois and perforated straps connected by a central mesh panel in the back.


Perforated and with the edges finished with seams

Chamois pad

Spiuk Gallio, specific for men, with an intermediate density level.

Leg elastic

With flat seams and a width of 5 cm.

Available sizes

S, M, L, XL and XXL

Colours available

Black or black combined with blue, red, yellow or white.

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Test: Spiuk Anatomic Bib Shorts
Spiuk Anatomic Bib Shorts These Spiuk Anatomic bib shorts that we tested offer, for a very reasonable price, really satisfactory levels of quality and comfort. They´re not the most technologically-advanced bib shorts nor the ones with …
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Test: Spiuk Anatomic Bib Shorts

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