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If anything stands out in the range of Spiuk accessories is its excellent value for money, in all of its products. This has been the case since the very beginning of this Biscayan brand that manufactures almost any accessory related to cycling. One of the best examples of this is, for example, the Spiuk Aldapa MTB shoes that we tested, without a doubt one of the most balanced shoes in their catalogue.

Very balanced

The Spiuk Aldapa MTB shoes in our test are made with an Advanced Composite sole consisting of a polymeric matrix with fiberglass reinforcements, which makes them a really balanced shoe model. The Spiuk Aldapa MTB, for their price, offer a level of quality and technical solutions that are not too common in similar shoes from other manufacturers.

The Spiuk Aldapa MTB are aimed at a sporty mountain biker. Someone looking for a robust shoe that will put up with the miles, but that doesn’t lack performance and a good pedal stroke. This is achieved thanks to a good fit to the foot by means of BOA Fit System, which allows to release the foot only with an outward movement of the tightening dial (something we have already seen in higher range models), a quite neutral last (neither too narrow nor too wide) and a really stiff outsole considering the price of the shoes.

Spiuk Aldapa MTB

Individual parts

With these shoes on our feet, or rather, in our hands, we can see and feel how the toe area has been specially reinforced, as is to be expected in a specific shoe for mountain biking. It has been made with a vulcanised embossed rubber, which makes it even more resistant. A subtle reinforcement, it does not increase the volume of the shoe but protects not only the toecap, but also extends along the outer side of the foot to the base of the metatarsal. This area is also exposed to frequent impacts and chafing, particularly when pedalling on trails and technical areas. Top marks for protection, in this sense, for these shoes that will withstand the passage of time in this area.

This protective rubber is also used in the heel area to protect the back of the shoe.

On the other hand, the outsole is equipped with two really bulky stud panels. The front panel, between which the cleat is housed, and the rear panel. The height of the cleats, in this sense, can be a good idea in the front area, with the objective of protecting the cleat and that this does not protrude too much on the sole and therefore, is damaged by erosion when walking (although the purpose of these shoes is not to walk long distances with it). 

Lastly, the sole looks well finished. With a single fiberglass surface and attached to it the panels with the cleats and the holes for the cleat on the front part and for the cleats to use the shoes in mud (optional) in the part of the toe.

Spiuk Aldapa MTB


When you wear the Spiuk Aldapa MTB the first thing you notice is their stiffness. The stiffness that provides the touch with its upper, but above all, the sole. It is clearly not a touring or ciclotouring type shoe. And while they are comfortable for most foot morphologies, it is a shoe designed more for performance and efficient pedalling than for extreme comfort. The last is not too wide, but it is not one of those that compresses the toe, which allows you to pedal comfortably and use them on long rides except if you have very specific problems in your feet.

The BOA Fit system is perfect, it tightens evenly over the entire instep and is extremely easy to release when, with a simple outward gesture, we release the cable to be able to take the foot out of the shoe in an instant.

When pedalling upright, as mentioned above, the shoe is very stiff. Obviously, it doesn’t reach the firmness levels of a carbon outsole, but we think it’s more than enough for most users looking for a sporty, performance shoe. Only in high competition, we consider, is the use of carbon in the soles fully justified, more rigid and lighter, although with worse heat evacuation in the sole of the foot.

The only thing we would have liked to have in this shoe is some more ventilation in the upper. They are a bit warm for use in very high temperatures or in very hot areas.

Spiuk Aldapa MTB


Stiffness of the sole

Easy adjustment and release of the BOA



Poor ventilation in summer use

Technical information




Aldapa MTB


XC shoe with polymeric matrix sole and fiberglass reinforcements, DSS technology for better breathability through perforations, fit by BOA Fit system

Fit system

BOA Fit System




Synthetic leather

Available sizes

From 37 to 49

Colours available

Black base with several complementary colours grey base, white and camouflage.


689 g (Pair in size 43)

More information here

Test: Spiuk Aldapa MTB Shoes
Zapatillas Spiuk Aldapa MTB If anything stands out in the range of Spiuk accessories is its excellent value for money, in all of its products. This has been the case since the very beginning of this Biscayan brand that manufactures almo …
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Test: Spiuk Aldapa MTB Shoes

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