Saucony Triumph 19 Trail Running Shoes

One of Saucony ‘s most emblematic models is undoubtedly the Triumph, a shoe that has already reached its 19th edition and that we have had the opportunity to test in depth.

The new Triumphs present technological changes and improvements, as well as a more modern and careful look, let’s see what they consist of.

The Upper

The upper of the Saucony Triumph 19 is in line with its predecessor, the Triumph 18. Made with a single mesh but with several overlapping filaments, they keep the essence of the model, although with slight changes that present it with a more modern cut and colours. It now features a thicker and more cushioned upper, with a certain resemblance to other models in the Saucony family. 

The collar is less rounded than on any other version of the Triumph. It is also higher, being higher above the ankle and transmits greater security in each step. 

The tongue is one of the parts that has changed the most, and for the better. It is now somewhat thinner and is attached to the mesh at the sides. The slimmed down design means that the shoe gains in breathability without compromising comfort. In other editions, due to a thicker tongue, it wrinkled and caused discomfort when worn for many kilometres. Not anymore. 

If we take a look at the sides, the heat seals have practically disappeared and the only ones that are present are the brand logo on the inner and outer side. This makes it a somewhat less reinforced shoe, but it is true that on the sides of the heel it has a more rigid heel counter to give it this feature. 

Finally, we have flat laces that are adjusted by means of five eyelets plus a sixth for the top knot.

The midsole

This part of the shoe still has a name: PWVRRUN+. This foam was already found in the midsole of the Triumph 18, even with the same drop -8mm- and the same heel and toe heights. It is an ETPU (expanded thermoplastic polyurethane) very similar to the technologies used by other brands of shoes but with a different name and although it may not be the most advanced material of the company, it is the one that offers the best general characteristics. 

The Saucony Triumph 19 is a shoe with great cushioning and thanks to the midsole provides great stability along with a rebound of the most remarkable that helps us to propel us more effectively. 

How is the sole

The sole of the Saucony Triumph 19 continues to be as effective as in the other editions and other models from the American company. It features an arrow-shaped design that Saucony incorporates in most of its models and is the same as in its previous version, which is again an indication that it works well. The American firm calls this design TRIFLEX and in addition to the presentation of the cleats, it also has more functionalities and features. The arrow-shaped pattern incorporates flex grooves that allow the outsole rubber to deform and bend, facilitating grip in more compromised areas as well as a larger contact surface that converts into more grip for the runner. 

Another of the functions that the sole has to ensure is traction, and in this aspect, thanks to its lugs we obtain a great impulse without hesitating or losing efficiency in our stride. 

On the contrary, we might think that when you have great grip and traction, durability would be its weak point. But in the case of the Saucony Triumph 19, this is not the case. To favour this aspect and prolong its high performance with the passing of kilometres, the midsole covering is larger, so there are hardly any holes to damage the PWVRRUN+ foam, except in the central area of the foot, just below the bridge, an area where our foot does not contact with the same forcefulness as the rest of the foot. And this is also due to the weight savings of the overall package.


The first moment we put on the Saucony Triumph 19 we felt them a bit cold, as if they lacked the essence of those previous versions. But as soon as we start riding with them, we notice that it is only a passing first impression. A very comfortable upper that provides great support, 0 pressure points thanks to the good work of the eyelets and flat laces and a great breathability and ventilation of our feet under any circumstances.

The Triumph 19 is still Saucony’s most versatile model. Good support, good grip, maximum cushioning. All features that keep it at the top of the pyramid of long-distance cushioning shoes.

If we look at the durability of the midsole, we can say that in the category in which the Saucony Triumph 19 moves, it is one of the models that we can find more durability that helps maintain performance over the kilometres.

The outsole of the Saucony Triumph 19 offers good grip even in wet conditions and with water on the pavement, although these are not the ideal playing conditions. The sole’s full potential is realized in dry terrain. You notice well how it sticks and how it brings out its good behaviour. In addition, good grip is also obtained on gravel as long as you watch out for lateral tilts.


The Saucony Triumph 19 is a shoe for those runners looking for shoes with a somewhat narrow but very efficient fit, with which you will get a great support, a very good cushioning thanks to the PWVRRUN+ foam and that you will feel the most comfortable with a very careful, lightweight and breathable upper.

A more complete shoe than its predecessor, the only negative aspect we have found is the fact that it is still above the 300 grams barrier.

For who?

The nineteenth edition of the Saucony Triumph has remained faithful to its origins if we refer to the target user, the runner of medium-high weight (over 75 kg in men) with neutral tread who wants to add kilometres on asphalt without worrying about discomfort. Thanks to their high drop of 8mm and their great cushioning, they are suitable for long distance running, being able to complete a 42 km marathon without being uncomfortable. 

When it comes to paces, the Saucony Triumph 19s are demanding, even at 4’30″/km. But the range they are at their best is between 5′-5’30″/km. And this is thanks to PWVRRUN+.







Midsole height

Technical information




Triumph 19

Fit system



– Engineered Mesh




XT 900 Rubber


8mm -24,5mm toe and 32,5mm heel-

Available sizes

From 40EU to 50EU




€ 129,95

Colours available




Black/white (female)

Turquoise Blue/Lilac (female) 

More info here

Test: Saucony Triumph 19 Trail Running Shoes
Saucony Triumph 19 Trail Running Shoes One of Saucony 's most emblematic models is undoubtedly the Triumph, a shoe that has already reached its 19th edition and that we have had the opportunity to test in depth. The new Triumphs pres …
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Test: Saucony Triumph 19 Trail Running Shoes

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