Salomon X Ultra 3 GORE-TEX Trekking Shoes

The French company Salomon continues to be one of the reference brands in the outdoor sector thanks to the renewal or appearance of models like the Ultra 3 GORE-TEX, hiking-oriented shoes, with a classic design but with first-class materials and that we have had the opportunity to test. 

The upper area

These Salomon X Ultra GORE-TEX incorporate the Gore-Tex membrane to protect this area from water and cold. This however does not mean that it is the only technology used for the upper construction. No, far from it. Because the French company has also used SensiFit technology and mesh to manufacture this part of the shoe.

The SensiFit mesh is precisely the mesh that Salomon uses the most in its trail running shoes since it offers a high adjustment to the foot as well as comfort. In addition, it is a very light but strong mesh.

The entire upper has numerous protections that will make our mountain adventures less risky and safer. The toe cap, protected by a very resistant and large rubber area, avoids hitting with the toes the stones and/or other objects that we can find on the roads. On the sides there are also protections that will help not to break the lateral mesh as well as to give an extra rigidity to the whole shoe. And in the heel, a more rigid chassis than the lateral protections will avoid an unnecessary movement of the heel with which we will be protected against possible sprains.

A large, well-padded tongue with a small pocket for storing the remaining cable and the Quicklace system part completes the set.

Salomon X Ultra 3 GORE-TEX

Salomon X Ultra 3 GORE-TEX Midsole

Without a technology with a specific name, the Salomon X Ultra 3 GORE-TEX feature an EVA foam with a 11mm drop that will help make mountain excursions more bearable thanks to its high level of cushioning. In our case it is the light grey area, which as you can see goes all over the shoe, from the toecap to the heel.

The injected EVA foam midsole is reinforced thanks to the Advanced Chassis, a lightweight technology from Salomon that is located between the sole and the midsole in order to increase the control over the foot movement, manage the energy transition in a more efficient way and promote the impulse to achieve a greater fluidity of the footfall All of this promotes better response, greater efficiency and more stability.

The sole

The Contagrip TD technology is in charge of the sole of these Salomon X Ultra 3 GORE-TEX. It has multidirectional and spearhead-shaped lugs of large dimensions, both in the front and in the rear area, but with certain differences.

In the case of the toe cap lugs, they are oriented forward to favour impulsion. Double central lugs of smaller dimensions with a small line dedicated to give them some flexibility to avoid mud accumulation. The sides have the same pattern, but they are smooth and not rough like the inner ones. They are also larger and somewhat softer.

In the heel area the lugs are oriented backwards to help not to skid during the landing phase and not to slide downhill on steep slopes. Everything else, they are the same as those in the previous area. In addition, the outermost area is totally different. Longitudinal strips act as lugs with a larger rubber blade and a central strip to divide it.

Salomon X Ultra 3 GORE-TEX

Putting in the miles

As soon as we put on the Salomon X ultra 3 GORE-TEX we noticed the quality of the materials that the French brand uses in its wide range of mountain shoes. Also the different technologies applied to this model, such as the Quicklace system for lacing the shoes that saves a lot of time, makes it easy to tighten millimetrically (almost like a BOA system), that does not come loose or get caught on any branch that we can find on the road. In addition, all the excess is collected in a small bag located on the tongue.

The Gore-Tex upper protects very well from rain, puddles and / or river water crossings where it is inevitable to get wet feet. The membrane prevents liquid from getting inside and protects our feet from getting soaked with the consequent effect of walking for hours with wet feet. It also offers good breathability for cool days. Not so much for summer days when temperatures rise.

The cushioning formed by the injected EVA foam combined with the Advanced Chassis foot support system does not disappoint. A midsole used in previous versions as well as very present in other models of hiking shoes of Salomon. It provides the right dose of hardness and softness to make the passing of hours on the mountain less tiring.

We highlight the Contagrip TD outsole with its prominent multidirectional lugs that offer great grip on stones, loose trails, wide trails and more technical areas. Only in areas with some humidity and water have we been exposed. And if we talk about durability, they have a lot of it. 

On the other hand, for narrow feet like ours and that have a little pronounced instep, you have to adjust it very well and tighten it with force so that it fits snugly to the foot, generating some internal wrinkles between the tongue and the upper and that could generate some pressure in this area.


These Salomon X Ultra 3 GORE-TEX have opted for a classic design, like a hiking boot, but with a low cuff. With the Quicklace system that offers such good results for its speed, comfort and ease of handling. A somewhat heavy model compared to the competition and with a last that will be more comfortable for those with wide feet.

On the other hand, they are very reinforced shoes especially in the area of the toe, which has a great protection that fulfills very well its function for which it has been designed. In addition, the Quicklace lacing system patented by the French company is very comfortable, effective and does not come untied or loosen with the passage of kilometres wherever they pass. The midsole offers great cushioning and easy transition despite the high weight of the shoe and in combination with the Advanced Chassis our feet will be able to walk with confidence on any terrain. Finally, we have the outsole, relying on the Contagrip TD compound and its huge multidirectional lugs that offer a great dose of grip and traction in any kind of terrain. Although you should be careful with wet areas and / or water, as we can take a scare.

Salomon X Ultra 3 GORE-TEX

For who?

The Salomon X Ultra 3 GORE-TEX are shoes for hikers who want to take their mountain adventures slow and easy and don’t mind sacrificing some weight for added protection. For all those that the uncertainty of the weather does not prevent them from making plans. Intended for people of medium-high weight with neutral tread.


Gore-Tex Membrane 



The breathability


Technical information




X Ultra 3 GORE-TEX

Fit system

– Quicklace


SensiFit and Gore-Tex


Advanced Chassis and EVA foam


Contagrip TD



Available sizes

40 a 49 



Colours available

Dark grey and green; Black and grey; Dark blue and dark grey; Greenish grey and dark grey; Dark grey and dark grey 

More info here 

Test: Salomon X Ultra 3 GORE-TEX Trekking Shoes
Salomon X Ultra 3 GORE-TEX Trekking Shoes The French company Salomon continues to be one of the reference brands in the outdoor sector thanks to the renewal or appearance of models like the Ultra 3 GORE-TEX, hiking-oriented shoes, with …
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Test: Salomon X Ultra 3 GORE-TEX Trekking Shoes

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