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Summer is synonymous with mountains, trekking and adventures. And to face these adventures where you can spend hours and hours walking, the shoes you wear are essential. And that’s why Salewa offers the Wildfire GTX model , a breathable and comfortable mountaineering shoe for any type of mountain activity

We have tested the specific version for girls, a model that does not vary in terms of technology compared to the one for boys, but it does vary in terms of last and specific measurements.

Let’s start with the upper

The upper of the Salewa Wildfire GTX is covered with Gore-Tex, the most prestigious membrane and used in clothing and accessories for outdoor sports to repel water and moisture. The Gore-Tex in this case prevents water from getting into the liner that forms the upper part of the shoe, but at the same time allows it to be breathable, avoiding excess heat.

As we said, the upper in these shoes is a kind of sock that is reinforced with a multitude of elements, 3D mini-structures whose function is none other than to protect the instep of our foot from any scratch or impact with a stone while hiking.

This 3D protective structure forms a skeleton that Salewa calls EXA Shell, an injected technology that helps reduce the shoe’s torsion and works in unison with the 3F system that adapts to the foot for greater flexibility, fit and firmness in the heel and ankle support. The 3F are thin metallic cables that run along the rear area and are protected by a rubber to avoid getting caught on rocks or other elements. In addition, all these protections also favour the durability of a shoe like this, destined to go up against stones, dust and other elements that tend to erode its surface quickly. 

The Wildfire GTX feature an old-school lacing system. With 7 eyelets per side and very thick laces to fix the shoes as tight as we want, although we have not experienced excessive pressure points. The pressure exerted by the laces is distributed very evenly over the instep. In addition, it has a well-padded tongue that will prevent unnecessary friction when we press hard.

Zapatillas Salewa Wildfire GTX

Bombproof midsole

The first thing we noticed wearing these shoes is that the midsole offers a very high protection and stability while walking. It is made of EVA compound and allows a good balance between compression and resistance to feel comfortable on any type of terrain. 

This EVA midsole has a special structure, because according to the brand itself, the front part is able to adapt to any foot morphology and at the same time it protects while increasing resistance against rocks and other elements common in the mountains. 

A midsole that we can see well defined in the rear part of the shoe, in the heel, as well as in the inner part, but it is integrated with the 3D protections of the upper in the external side. 

The sole, five stars

For the sole of the Salewa Wildfire GTX, the Italian company has trusted in the Swiss company POMOCA, which offers such great results in terms of grip, traction and durability of their soles.

This sole is a bit peculiar, far from the usual in mountain shoes (especially trail running) in which the lugs are unidirectional to favour traction and grip at the same time. On the other hand, in the Salewa Wildfire GTX, the lugs are small diamonds along the length and width of the sole, but with some small differences.

In the front and inner part of the sole, the lugs have been joined together to create a flatter surface. This will help the traction when we use this part on the ground on very steep slopes. On the other hand, on the outer part, the same pattern of lugs is present as in the rest of the sole.

From the front area to almost reaching the heel, the lugs are practically the same. Only the shape and dimensions change a little.

Finally, in the heel area there are also joined lugs to favour grip in terrains with very steep negative slopes, as this way we have a larger support surface.

Thanks to the shape of these lugs and their dimensions, we can ensure that mud will be difficult to stick to the sole.


The Salewa Wildfire GTX are a great adventure companion for those looking for protection, rigidity and durability. With the added bonus of Gore-Tex membrane protection against water.

A shoe that gave an excellent impression on some routes when reaching the summit meant battling rocks and very steep terrain.

In this terrain the Salewa have proven to have great traction thanks to the Pomoca outsole, sensational cushioning with the EVA midsole and also great protection of the foot against stones, roots and other nature elements, with the help of a well-covered upper with 3D elements and a highly reinforced toe cap.

Zapatillas Salewa Wildfire GTX

For who?

We can say that the Salewa Wildfire GTX are shoes for adventure lovers, who love the outdoors and the mountains and who want to enjoy new experiences with a shoe with an attractive design, that is very reinforced, durable and suitable for almost all types of terrain. 



Gore-Tex Membrane





Technical information




Wildfire GTX

Adjustment system



Breathable mesh with EXA Shell and Gore-Tex




Pomoca Speed MTN with Pomoca Butylic


11mm -19mm toe and 30mm heel-

Available sizes

From 35 to 43



Colours available 

Light blue and orange; navy blue and black

More info here

Test: Salewa Wildfire GTX Shoes
Salewa Wildfire GTX Shoes Summer is synonymous with mountains, trekking and adventures. And to face these adventures where you can spend hours and hours walking, the shoes you wear are essential. And that's why Salewa offers the Wildfir …
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Test: Salewa Wildfire GTX Shoes

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