Oakley Jawbreaker Glasses 

The Jawbreaker are one of the most representative and flagship models of Oakley, the leading brand when it comes to innovation in high-performance sports eyewear. A model that we have analysed in depth, finding that, indeed, the Jawbreaker glasses are designed for the most demanding cyclists and looking for the highest quality of materials and vision for their sporting activity.


No matter where you look at them, these Jawbreaker have a level of quality and technology that is difficult to match by any other manufacturer, something that stands out not only for this model, but any other of those presented by the company based in Lake Forest, California.

The Jawbreaker appeared on the market a while ago as Oakley’s big releases usually do. Being used massively by some of the best athletes in the world sponsored by the brand. They quickly stood out for their voluminous and curved frame and for their distinctive ring, whose colour is interchangeable, and is featured on both sides between the union of the lens and the temples. They are glasses in any case, with a lot of personality, with shapes that do not go unnoticed and are recognisable from afar

Gafas Oakley Jawbreaker

Materials used

Starting with the frame, it’s made of Oakley’s legendary O Matter nylon composite, patented and exclusive to Oakley. A material that claims to be 25% lighter than the materials used by the competition and up to twice as resistant to breakage.

The frame also has panels of a rubbery product that Oakley has never wanted to reveal the composition, in fact, they call it Unobtainium (unobtainable) and that covers the nose bridge and the inner part of the rods, just at the point of contact with the top of the ears. It is in any case a very adherent material and that always allows a great comfort of this and any Oakley model.

The lenses are, however, the spearhead of these Jawbreaker glasses. The strong point, in our opinion, that this brand always offers. In the case of the Jawbreaker glasses that we have tested, they incorporate Prizm Road lenses with a pink base colour. Prizm technology consists of an exclusive treatment of the lens to offer us a unique light transmission and colour adjustment that results in increased contrast and quality of vision that is a benchmark in the field of sports eyewear. Not to mention the impact resistance that Oakley has been offering for years, thanks to the conglomerate of HDO (High-Definition Optics) technologies, which is always an extra quality and guarantee for our physical integrity and that of our eyes.


When you wear these Jawbreaker, you’ll be surprised by their lightness, especially if we take into account that these are not exactly minimalist glasses. Their voluminous frame and wide surface of their lenses make them visually, look a bit bulky. However, their weight, 33 g tested on our scales, makes them a model that although it is not the lightest in the world, it is still quite light. This lightness is the first reason why the Jawbreaker are extraordinarily comfortable.

The second aspect is the comfort of the contact of the frame with our skin. The glasses have an excellent grip, even when we sweat the most, in hot, humid environments and with intense effort. Their rubber ends on the temples and, above all, the nose bridge do not move even a millimetre on the skin. Not even in running sessions, where we have also used them and where the vibrations are more constant. The lightness and comfort are excellent.

Gafas Oakley Jawbreaker


The quality of vision with Prizm lenses is beyond question. Indeed, the contrast they offer and the adjustment of colours allows that, especially when you use these glasses in off-road, gravel or mountain bike environments, you get a better perception of the surface. Better appreciating the transitions from one type of terrain to another. For example, when cycling on a path where you suddenly change from a dirt surface to a rocky one or when riding on muddy roads, where it is essential to be able to sense which is the most adherent route. The quality of the contrast allows us a better reading of the terrain. This happens less on asphalt, where the surface is more regular and homogeneous. Either way, these Prizm lenses boost sharpness and provide a high-quality visual experience and feel in any terrain – one of the best we’ve tested.

It’s true that the vents on the lenses of our test unit mean that these Jawbreakers fog up very little, but they’re not infallible.

Obviously, the Prizm Road we’ve used is a pink base colour tone, great for use in bright environments. We would use another clearer lens for our mountain bike rides or in closed environments like a forest, or if we would use them in hours close to sunrise or sunset. In any case, changing lenses is really easy thanks to the Switchlock system that consists of a tab located in the upper and central part of the frame that, when opened, allows you to remove the lens and easily insert another one.


Quality of vision, with high contrast

Frame and lens quality



Peripheral vision is somewhat reduced on the sides and outside of the lenses.

Technical information




Jawbreaker Prizm Road


Closed frame glasses. High performance Prizm Road lens with 20% light transmission and increased contrast. Frame with O Matter and Unobtainium material, the latter of great adherence and lightness

Included with purchase

Case, microfibre pouch and replacement nosepiece.


Polished White with Prizm Snow Sapphire Iridium lenses, Yellow with Prizm Road lenses, O Metallic with Prizm Jade lenses.


33 g

More info here

Test: Oakley Jawbreaker Glasses
Oakley Jawbreaker Glasses  The Jawbreaker are one of the most representative and flagship models of Oakley, the leading brand when it comes to innovation in high-performance sports eyewear. A model that we have analysed in depth, findi …
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Test: Oakley Jawbreaker Glasses

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