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Mizuno’s flagship shoe, the Wave Rider, has now reached its 25th edition, maintaining a model designed for both experienced runners with a certain level of technique and for runners who are just starting out in the world of running. 

This new Wave platform maintains part of the technology that has made them famous for so long, but also incorporates new aspects, such as a renewed design or a reduction in heat sealing, among others. The others? You can check them out below.

Upper of the Mizuno Wave Rider 25

The upper of the new Mizuno Wave Rider has been almost completely modernised, very evident in terms of design and aesthetics. This time, they have opted for an engineered mesh in order to offer the highest level of comfort together with a more precise and pleasant fit without leaving aside one of the main characteristics of every shoe, breathability. In order to improve this aspect, the thermoseals that we could find in previous versions of the shoe or any other model of the Japanese brand have been reduced. They have been reduced so much that now they are like small drops on the sides of the mesh that strengthen those points that need it most.

If we look at the tongue, it is more reinforced and enlarged to such an extent that it gathers the midfoot with great efficiency without affecting our comfort, as well as it does not generate annoying creases in the most hidden area.

Regarding the upper of this Mizuno Wave Rider 25, what I liked the most is the snugger fit, offering a better support in the middle and forefoot of the shoe. The level of fit has gone up a notch in this iconic Mizuno model.


If we talk about this part of a Mizuno running shoe, you probably already associate it with Wave technology. And for this reason, the Japanese have continued to provide their flagship with this technology, to promote the Rider as the fundamental pillar of the brand and with which the rider feels as if he were wearing one of the many other editions of the model. However, there have been some changes that bring it closer to a more modern audience.

One such aspect is the increased height of the base. In this 25th edition it has become 34 mm in the heel and 22 mm in the toe, with a 12 mm drop, being one of the few models that still have this classic drop. 

A new Wave platform, the Parallel Wave Plate, capable of combining cushioning and stability for greater propulsion and running dynamism. This platform is located in the rear area of the shoe, starting from the midfoot and extending to the heel, leaving a glimpse between a layer and another layer of foam. 

What is true is that the Wave no longer has that wavy shape and there are no longer those holes underneath the plate that allowed the deformation. Now, the plate simply acts more than the Wave, so it doesn’t need such a large expansion zone because the foam is softer and doesn’t impede the movement of the plate.

The sole

This area of the Mizuno Wave Rider 25 is the one with less changes compared to the Wave Rider 24. The reason for this is the high performance and features offered by the X10 rubber. This material is found in the heel and toe area, with large panels and rounded lugs that are elongated at the ends.

With this pattern we get a good grip on any kind of terrain, even on track areas or with some off-road terrain. On asphalt they offer great grip in dry conditions. In wet and even humid conditions where they sin a little because of the size of the rubber surface. Although the fact of having large rubber surfaces is not a bad thing, since what we get is greater durability. A shoe that will be able to reach 750 km of useful life. 


As soon as we put on the Mizuno Wave Rider 25, we can already feel the main changes in the upper mesh. Improved comfort, a tighter fit, superior support and increased upper ventilation. The tongue hugs your instep comfortably, even if you’re a runner with a wide instep, the Wave Rider 25 will be no problem for you.

The front part of the shoe is wider than in other editions, leaving more space for toe movement, a very important aspect for those who want a free feeling.

What we didn’t like so much was the cushioning and heel counter as it covers a big part of our heel and sometimes, we didn’t feel comfortable due to its structural rigidity. Although for those heavier runners and heel strikers they will surely appreciate it.

One of the indispensable aspects that we have to evaluate subjectively is the Wave technology. Some will notice a very mechanical bounce to it. Others with somewhat rougher sensations. Also, there will be those who may think it is soft. But it all depends on the profile of the runner. 

In our case, after testing some of the previous versions of the Mizuno Wave Rider, we can say that in this 25th edition they have made the Wave softer and more flexible. This translates into more dynamic and smoother transitions even if you over heel.

But not all the credit goes to Wave technology. The Mizuno Energy foam, which runs from toe to heel and across the entire width of the outsole, also deserves praise for the Wave effect in the rearfoot.


The new Mizuno Wave Rider 25 follow the modern trend that the Japanese brand has been giving to all its current models. The design is more careful. The most innovative and cutting-edge technologies. Materials that are softer and more pleasant to the touch. All these characteristics make the Wave Rider, in spite of being one of the models with the longest trajectory in the running market, still being a modern running shoe capable of surprising any runner. In short, this is a comfortable shoe, with good support, great fit, very high breathability even on the hottest days and capable of offering us a running approach on par with the Wave: fast, comfortable and safe transitions together with a lighter weight -they have achieved a significant weight saving- and a softer and more continuous cushioning.

For who?

The new Mizuno Wave Rider 25 is a running shoe for runners with a neutral stride but also with a slight pronation and with an average weight – between 70 and 85 kg – who are looking for comfortable running with a high dose of cushioning. A shoe for daily training and also for occasional races of any distance with varied paces -in a range of 4’15″/km and 5’00″/km-. 






Stiffness of the collar

Technical information




Wave Rider 25

Fit system









12mm -22mm toe and 34 mm heel-

Available sizes

From 39 EU to 50 EU




€ 107,95

Colours available 

Blue, white and red; Yellow, blue and red; Black, blue and grey; Blue, green and white; Black, white and blue (female); Red, white and blue (female); Black, orange and white (female); Blue, white and pink (female)

More information here 

Test: Mizuno Wave Rider 25 Shoes
Mizuno Wave Rider 25 Shoes Mizuno's flagship shoe, the Wave Rider, has now reached its 25th edition, maintaining a model designed for both experienced runners with a certain level of technique and for runners who are just starting out i …
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Test: Mizuno Wave Rider 25 Shoes

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