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The Hoka One One brand has renewed one of its best models for running on asphalt. We are talking about the Rincon in what is already its third edition. The Hoka One One Rincon 3 has undergone few changes compared to its predecessor, keeping practically the same line, structure, materials and similarities with the Rincon 2. Following this continuity, they have been able to emphasize the aspects that needed it and improve on the weak points. Have they succeeded?

The upper of the Hoka

The upper construction of this latest version of the Rincon 3 is a bit more classic, and instead of a single thread upper we have opted for a double mesh. These changes have been made to improve breathability from the midfoot to the forefoot, which is also improved thanks to the elimination of thermosealed elements. The inner layer, on the other hand, is thicker for comfort and support. 

If we move on to the Rincon 3 collar, it is more voluminous, pleasant and, therefore, more comfortable than the previous version. The heel has a considerable thickness that gradually tapers down to the tongue. In this way it helps us to rack up those miles without noticing an excessive loss of comfort. 

And it is the classic vision of this model that we see accentuated with the tongue, as they have opted for a tongue that is not stitched to the upper nor does it create the shape of a sock. It is only attached to the upper at the bottom, by the last eyelet of the 6 that it has. It is a tongue with a padded and pleasant lower part but somewhat short and wide in the upper area.

Look at the midsole

The midsole of the Hoka One One Rincon 3 is made with Hoka’s classic CMEVA foam. It is a light, low density foam and if you dig your fingernail in, you can feel how well it works absorbing impacts. But this foam has received some changes with respect to the Rincon 2, such as the geometry and the shape of the cuts or indentations. These are focused on absorbing impact from top to bottom and from heel to toe.

One of the aspects that most define the philosophy and aesthetics of the French brand is the width of the midsole in the rear area. The heel has a wide base that increases cushioning and this, for runners who land with this area, will be appreciated. And a lot of it. 

It has a very light 3mm thick EVA insole glued to the hard floor of the shoe. Thanks to this thickness, if you are one of those who use customized templates, you can place yours on top without affecting the interior space.  

The sole

One of the main novelties in this third edition of the Rincon is the incorporation of a new sole protection that will guarantee us a longer durability if we compare it with its predecessor. Thus, we can see how the whole forefoot is protected with a slightly harder rubber piece in addition to the heel area, favouring the longevity of the foam in the area that suffers the most wear and tear.

The outsole of the new Hoka One One Rincon 3 is minimal and does not have a uniform blown rubber plate over the whole surface, but it is in parts. This has both positive and negative effects. The negative is that the wear of the CMEVA foam midsole is higher in the areas where it is not covered. The positive is the weight reduction of the set as it has less material.

How many kilometres will the sole last? It depends on the pace, the surface, the weather, the runner’s characteristics, etc. But we dare say that it will last about the average for a shoe with these characteristics: between 650 and 750 kilometres. 


When we put on the Hoka One One Rincon 3 the first thing we notice is its pleasant feel, the maximum support to our foot as well as a very comfortable last, of normal dimensions (within the current parameters) and with a narrow toe box, staying faithful to the previous versions of the model. In our case, we have a narrow foot and we have not suffered any discomfort or rubbing during the different runs we have done with them.

At the bottom, looking at the arch, it is moderately curved and does not become annoying despite having a little pronounced arch. 

We tightened the laces, flat and somewhat extensible to facilitate precise fit and without excessive pressure points, and went out for a little ride. The upper is very comfortable and pleasant to the touch, as well as breathable which will help you to keep running despite high temperatures. We can also notice its great cushioning, although at first it may seem a bit “different” if we land on the heel due to the fact that in that area it has a square shape which will cause a less fluid but equally reactive transition. 

It has a pleasant feel, with a medium hardness but without a very marked response, as the CMEVA is not a foam with which to obtain a large dose of energy transfer. It is a shoe for what it is: for runners who want to accumulate kilometres without discomfort. In the feet and joints. But let’s not kid ourselves, you can also ride very fast. 

In terms of gait pattern, the Hoka One One Rincon 3 stands out if our first contact with the ground is with the mid/rearfoot area, with which you get a better fluidity thanks to the cushioning that works generally well thanks to the wide midsole.   

Finally, the sole. Little can be said about a sole that has little rubber. But all we can say is that our feeling on the ground has been very positive. We notice a lot what we step on and we are grateful for that. We haven’t had any unforeseen or slippery sensations so the rubber grips and you get great traction.


Hoka One One knew that the Rincon needed little change. And few changes have been made. The runner who uses these shoes and who thinks about buying this third edition wants to keep all the good things of the Rincon 2 and just do a restyling to make it attractive again and wants to continue with the saga.

Hoka wanted to keep the essence that makes this model so special. It has only been given a facelift to make it even more comfortable, thanks to higher quality internal cushioning, eye-catching and attractive colours and increased durability of the sole. This way, the Hoka One One Rincon 3 are back on the shopping list of every runner who is looking for a versatile model to run on asphalt.

For who?

The Hoka One One Rincon 3 is for runners looking to improve their personal best over distances from half marathon to marathon. A very light shoe but at the same time with a great cushioning thanks to the soft foam midsole that will make the joints as well as ankles and knees do not suffer from the repetitive contact with the ground. 

Thus, we can say that the Rincon 3 can be very suitable for runners weighing over 65kg, with neutral footstep, paces between 3’45″/km and 4’30″/km looking for high cushioning, very light weight and an attractive design. 







Midsole durability

Technical information


Hoka One One


Rincon 3

Fit system: Lace-up


Engineered Mesh






5mm -27mm toe and 32mm heel-

Available sizes

From 40 to 50




120.00 €

Colours available 



Mint Green/Grey/Blue

Navy/Sky Blue/Red

More information here

Test: Hoka One One Rincon 3 Running Shoes
 Hoka One One Rincon 3 Running Shoes The Hoka One One brand has renewed one of its best models for running on asphalt. We are talking about the Rincon in what is already its third edition. The Hoka One One Rincon 3 has undergone few ch …
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Test: Hoka One One Rincon 3 Running Shoes

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