Gore Wear C5 Optiline Jersey

The German company Gore Wear offers some of the most technical and high quality garments in the world of outdoor sports apparel and specifically for cycling. Not in vain, they are the creators of such successful membranes as GORE-TEX or Windstopper that many of us wear in our best winter garments.

For the summer, however, we also find options such as the magnificent jersey that we have had the opportunity to test, one of the best sellers in their extensive catalogue and that the Germans call the C5 Optiline.

Who’s it for?

This Gore jersey is made using the Form Fit pattern, the narrowest and tightest of all the jerseys made by this German company. Therefore, the C5 Optiline jersey is mainly aimed at those who are looking for cycling garments designed for maximum performance, that is, aerodynamic and with a certain compression feeling on our bodies. For road, cross country or gravel cyclists who therefore also prefer a close fit, rather than wearing looser clothing.

Exquisite touch

It’s really amazing how well this Gore C5 Optiline jersey fits the body. Its shapes are very well thought out so that no spaces are generated between the fabric and the shapes of our anatomy, thus favouring the evacuation of sweat and a better thermal sensation of the cyclist.

This is helped by the fact that 8% of the garment is made of elastane, a very elastic fabric, as its name suggests, which allows the jersey to stretch enough to adapt to our body without exerting pressure.

We must also highlight the good job of finishing in the cut of the sleeves with flat seams to not generate any kind of friction or rubbing with the skin. The fact that they cover three quarters of the arm, almost up to the elbow, gives the jersey a very enveloping feeling and a complete fit. Practically as if it were a second skin.

Total Comfort

If there’s one thing that stands out about this jersey, it’s its comfort. The elasticity of the fabric, the softness of it, the “fit” and adjusted pattern and the flat seams in strategic areas of the garment provide a really pleasant sensation to the touch.

It allows total freedom of movement, the jersey moves with us, there is no tightness or tension when you turn your torso or move your arms, for example.

As it fits snugly and therefore does not generate any air pockets or free space between the fabric and the skin, the feeling of comfort is even greater, especially when we sweat intensely and it is for example a little windy or breezy, situations in which it is quite unpleasant to wear wet clothes that move on the skin.

More details

This jersey also has everything you could ask for from a high-end garment like this. Of course, in addition to the high quality fabric and performance, there are fundamental aspects such as the three symmetrical pockets in the lumbar area, located at a height that allows easy access on the move. But in addition to these three pockets, there is a fourth one, with zippered access, which makes it easier to store objects that we need to keep more securely, such as keys, money or a credit card.

On the other hand, and this is something that not all jerseys incorporate in the same way, the Optiline C5 has several reflective elements inserted in the rear area, so that you can be seen on the road and in difficult visibility conditions. Two panels on either side of the pockets and the Gore logo are both reflective and are a great safety feature for the rider.

Final veredict

The Gore Optiline C5 is a truly outstanding jersey. It’s not the cheapest on the market, in fact, it can’t be, given the quality of its fabrics and performance. However, it offers everything that the most demanding user can demand from a cycling garment of this type; maximum comfort, softness of the fabric, breathability and an elegant design.


Perfect pattern design for maximum performance

Exceptional skin feel and body fit

Garment with a high level of quality


No objections

Technical information


Gore Wear


C5 Optiline Black


Specific jersey for road or cross country, with full zip and modern cut. Great adaptability to the body and breathability.


Three-quarter length over the arm, to almost above the elbow.


Conventional, it goes all the way up the garment, from the pelvis to the neck.

Rear pockets

Three symmetrical and one overlapping with zipper.

Colours available

Red, white, fluorescent yellow, green, grey, black


From S to XXL

More info here

Test: Gore Wear C5 Optiline Jersey
Gore Wear C5 Optiline Jersey The German company Gore Wear offers some of the most technical and high quality garments in the world of outdoor sports apparel and specifically for cycling. Not in vain, they are the creators of such succes …
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Test: Gore Wear C5 Optiline Jersey

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