Test: Gore Wear C5 Optiline Bib Shorts

Gore being one of the leading manufacturers of cycling apparel, among other sports, is a well-known fact. And that the company is a pioneer in creating technical fabrics for outdoor activities, such as Gore-Tex or Windstopper, is no secret either. With this unmistakable letter of introduction is the best way to understand any of their garments, such as the C5 Optiline bib shorts with which we have cycled for many kilometres and of which we now report all the details.

The C5 Optiline is by price and quality, one of the bib shorts that we could call mid-range within the brand itself, in which we find some models that exceed up to 250 €. However, Gore’s standard of quality means that you don’t have to go for the more expensive and sophisticated models to find high quality, high performance garments. This C5 Optiline is a good example.

German technology, their best argument

It’s obvious that being Gore, the fabric is one of the strong points of these bib shorts. The base is similar to other competing models, with a ratio of 80% polyamide to 20% elastane. This gives the C5 a good balance, on average when compared to the competition, between breathability and fit, for example. However, where these bib shorts make the difference is in the quality of the technical fabric, especially on the front and inside of the legs. Places where Windstopper membrane is used, one of the most famous membranes created by this German manufacturer.

With the Windstopper these bib shorts have extra windproof and sweat wicking properties. And the truth is that when you wear them, also in high temperatures as has been our case these days, you notice that with these Gore bib shorts you have less feeling of soaked skin. In this respect, they feel more comfortable than most bib shorts of competitors.

Add to this the excellent level of finish on the leg hem, with a wide elastic (7 cm wide) and flatlock stitching that means we feel little to no pressure or friction in the thigh area, and the comfort of the C5 Optiline, in our opinion, are among the best in their category in terms of dry feel, fit and feel of the fabric.

Culote Gore Wear C5 Optiline detalle

Super breathable shoulder straps

Gore has opted for a very minimalist design for the bib shorts. So much so that both are completely flat, with no seams or edges and with a micro-perforated fabric to improve ventilation. In addition, both straps are joined at the base of the back to form between them a perforated mesh also ascends to the area almost neck, offering excellent breathability and what is just as important, optimal evacuation of sweat and drier skin on the back.

The straps, however, with such a light fabric and slightly less elastane than the rest of the garment (13% vs. 20%) are not very solid and very prone to move or bend, once we have the garment on. Not a very permanent fit compared to other models with slightly more reinforced (but also less breathable) shoulder straps

Culote Gore Wear C5 Optiline

Windstopper bib shorts

This area of the bib shorts has also received a coating with one of the most famous fabrics in cycling textiles, the Windstopper. This gives the chamois of this Gore a higher sweat wicking performance. It retains less moisture and ultimately, the chamois feels more comfortable when we sweat heavily or ride in very humid environments. On the other hand, it is not one of the softest chamois, if we compare it with other bib shorts of similar price or quality range. In other words, if the pad feels comfortable, it’s more for its ability to breathe and stay dry than for its absorbency and softness. Anyway, the overall feeling about it is great.

Culote Gore Wear C5 Optiline ambiente

Final verdict

A bib shorts for those who are looking for a tight fitting and really comfortable garment. Exceptional in terms of the feel of the skin with the fabric. Thanks to their perfect fit in the waist and legs, as well as their great capacity to wick away sweat and moisture, features that are not very common in garments of this price.


Great evacuation of sweat and moisture in their fabrics

Waistband and leg loops exert compression evenly, comfortable.

Good number of reflectors.


Straps with little adherence and fixation to the body.

The chamois needs a bit more density.



Gore Bike Wear


Wear C5 Optiline


Mid-range bib shorts, within the Gore Bike Wear family. They have a slim fit, straps with especially breathable fabric and Windstopper inner membrane on the legs, which makes them ideal for temperate climates.


With Mesh fabric, flat cut and seamless.

Chamois pad

With central cut and micro-perforated fabric. Called Advanced Road by the manufacturer, with Cup Gore Windstopper technology.

Leg elastic

Completely flat, to avoid chafing and a width of 7 cm.

Available sizes:

S, M, L, XL and XXL

Colours available

Black-red, black-white, black and dark blue-white.

More information here

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