Test: Fizik Tempo R5 Overcurve Shoes

The Tempo R5 Overcurve shoes are one of the reference models of the Italian brand Fizik, specialist in offering accessories, not only shoes, with a high level of performance and above all, a design always distinguished and very characteristic. That’s exactly what these shoes are like. One of the bastions in the mid-range of cycling shoes, for quality, style and price. We can vouch for them after testing them intensively.


If we have to start by highlighting one feature of these Tempo R5 Overcurve is that they are built asymmetrically. An exclusive Fizik concept. This is what the transalpine company calls Overcurve technology, thanks to which the shoe tries to adapt as much as possible to the anatomical asymmetry of our foot. Specifically to the different volume and morphology of each of the malleoli of our ankle, we refer to the bony protrusions of each of the sides of the ankle. This undoubtedly makes the Tempo R5 Overcurve the most comfortable feeling we’ve ever had with any other shoe. The ankle area, obviously, feels free and it is practically impossible to feel pressure or friction in this area, something that can happen in some models of the competition with a very racing and tight design.

Excellent fit and adjustment

The Tempo R5 Overcurveis fitted and fastened to the foot using two of the most classic systems for this purpose. On the one hand, a traditional Velcro in the lower part of the instep, right at the base of the toes, which is responsible for the fastening of the shoe in the front part of the foot. On the other, a BOA dial of type IP1. A version of the famous adjustment system that unfastens or releases thread tension by simply pulling the BOA out. This makes it much easier and above all quicker to take these Fizik shoes off. Something you only appreciate when you try shoes with this BOA system.

With the Tempo R5 Overcurve on and thanks to their combination of Velcro and BOA, you can feel perfectly how in each area of the instep you receive the right tension, making it an ideal shoe for long distances, for example, where we are going to spend many hours on the bike and where comfort must take precedence over other aspects.

The fabrics are also pleasant to the touch, such as microtex and forming the upper, which is flexible, but tough and durable at the same time. We didn’t notice any discomfort in the Tempo during hundreds of kilometres of testing, even wearing them with thin socks.

Italian design

Just by looking at them, the Tempo R5 Overcurve are identified with the Fizik brand. That characteristic Italian style and elegance of line are unique to Fizik. The entire upper is constructed from a single continuous fabric. This reduces, for example, the risk of chafing by contact with a seam or finish of the shoe that could occur in other shoes that were worse finished on the inside.

The sole

The outsole gives away that this is a mid-range shoe. The fact is that Fizik uses the R5 sole of reinforced nylon instead of carbon fibre (which is only injected as reinforcement) something that is reserved for higher-end models. A stiff sole, but not as stiff as the most expensive carbon shoes. In any case, the non-use of carbon fibre is a positive aspect for those whose feet are sensitive to high temperatures. Soles in this material dissipate heat very poorly and often cause pain and burning on the soles of the feet when the sole is only carbon. This does not happen on these Tempo R5 Overcurve.

On the move

These Tempo R5 Overcurve from Fizik are undoubtedly an outstanding choice if you’re considering a mid-range road shoe. In our opinion, they have everything we can expect from a shoe in the 120-150 euro price range. Stiff sole with good transfer in pedalling, a soft upper and shell, an extremely comfortable interior with a neutral last (not too wide or too narrow) and one of its strengths, a simply exceptional fit, which makes the Fizik not only efficient for pedalling, but also a delight to devour kilometres. 10/10 for their comfort on the feet. A little more ventilation wouldn’t go a miss, as it is a fairly closed model in its cover and that could be a problem on those hot days.


Excellent comfort

Elegant design

Value for money


Poor ventilation in summer use

Technical information




Tempo R5


Mid-range road shoe, with composite sole and carbon reinforcement. With Overcome technology, asymmetric structure, BOA IP1 system and Velcro adjustment.

Fit system

Double BOA IP1 and Velcro


Made of composite with injected carbon as reinforcement.


Nylon microtex

Available sizes

From 38 to 47

Colours available

Black, white, black-yellow, black-pink, grey.


697g (the pair in size 45)

More information here

Test: Fizik Tempo R5 Overcurve Shoes
Test: Fizik Tempo R5 Overcurve Shoes The Tempo R5 Overcurve shoes are one of the reference models of the Italian brand Fizik, specialist in offering accessories, not only shoes, with a high level of performance and above all, a design a …
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Test: Fizik Tempo R5 Overcurve Shoes

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