Finisseur Pro Winter Vest

This test revolves around one of the most practical garments that we can find in the wardrobe of any cyclist, a vest. This time it’s the Pro Winter vest by FinisseurA tight-fitting vest, oriented to users who are looking for an aerodynamic garment that fits 100% and at the same time protects us from the wind.

A technical fabric

The first thing you notice when you hold this Pro Winter vest in your hands is the unique feel of the technical fabric. It is perceived as a material with quite a lot of body and a certain rigidity. As if it were a thin sheet that we can fold with our fingers. The vest is made with Windproof and Water Repellent membranes. Both make this Finisseur Pro Winter vest have that special feel but ultimately protect us from wind and water.


Despite this particular feel, the vest has great elasticity. You can see when you put it on how the fabric stretches enough to adapt to the shape of your body. This ensures that the garment does not “stretch” or generate tension or tightness in any area. Something essential in sportswear and cycling in particular, with which we can be pedalling for hours and where we need precisely, maximum comfort. In this sense, a 10 for this vest.

Neck, silicone and other points of interest

If we continue to analyse this garment in terms of the sensations that we get when riding with it, we have to highlight the magnificent function of its collar – high profile and with a double layer of fabric that protects us against the cold. It’s nice to zip it all the way up so that this part of the vest covers your throat on colder days or when you’re being battered by the wind. Another highlighted feature is the silicone insert that surrounds the inside of the waistband. This contributes to the fact that when you put it on the garment really stays fixed and does not tend to rotate or slide down when, for example, you put some weight in your pocket. Precisely the pockets are another of the aspects that we consider positive in this vest. An element that is not usual in this type of garment but in any case, are most practical when with it on, we need to throw something behind our backs.


This vest feels exceptional. The combination of technical fabric, with its elasticity, make it a very practical garment, which is really comfortable and reassuring on windy and humid days or even in fine rain. Whilst not being the lightest vest on the market, this Finisseur Pro Winter is fairly light and compact. If we fold it up, it ends up being about the size of two closed fists (at least in our size L unit) that can easily fit in the back pocket of a jacket or jersey. In this way, this vest is a totally portable garment, which we can use at any time we need it and do away with it when the temperatures rise or simp0ly when we don’t need it for other reasons.

Due to its characteristics, it is ideal for use on days with very unstable weather. On those days when we start off pedalling at dawn and it’s cold and then as the day progresses the temperatures increase a lot and therefore, we need this garment to put on or take off as the temperature varies. Also, when we do a route with long climbs and also long descents, where we must cover our torso to protect us from the wind and the cooling that occurs when we descend at high speeds.

Final veredict

This Pro Winter vest by Finisseur is for those who are looking for lightness, practicality and versatility in a garment that perfectly fulfils its function. The only thing that is missing is an easier way to close the zipper when compared to comparable garments that use two-way zippers. Its wind protection is perfect and also its protection against certain amounts of water (up to 10,000 mm column). A garment to take into account in variable climates and also in autumn or spring.


Wind protection

Water protection

Elastic and very comfortable garment


We miss a two-way zipper.

Technical data




Pro Winter Vest


Vest with wind and water repellent fabric. With high cut collar, silicone on the inside of the waist. They have reflective elements.


“CamLock” type with bottom flap to avoid direct skin contact.

Rear pockets

Three, asymmetrical.

Colours available

Black, red or yellow.



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Test: Finisseur Pro Winter Vest
Finisseur Pro Winter Vest This test revolves around one of the most practical garments that we can find in the wardrobe of any cyclist, a vest. This time it's the Pro Winter vest by Finisseur.  A tight-fitting vest, oriented to users w …
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Test: Finisseur Pro Winter Vest

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