Finisseur Pro Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey

One of the most interesting garments in the Finisseur Autumn-Winter 2021 catalogue when we think about equipping ourselves with clothing and that is characterised by offering a modern cut and design as well as properties that make it one of those items that are almost essential for most of the year.

Most versatile

As we say, the Finisseur Pro Thermal jersey for this test is a long sleeve jersey with good thermal properties, as you can already guess from its name. This provides us with a remarkable protection against the cold, if it is moderate. In fact, the manufacturer indicates that its range of use is for temperatures between 10ºC and 16ºC. It will therefore be the ideal garment to wear for several months of the year, especially between autumn and spring, passing through mild winters as long as temperatures do not get too close to 0ºC. 

Although it is marketed in up to 4 other colours, all of them in very organic and soft tones, we especially like the mustard tone that we have been able to test out. Very much in keeping with current trends in cycling apparel aesthetics. The Finisseur Pro Thermal is therefore a multipurpose jersey, for the type of use and temperature range for which it is intended and with a really modern cut. This will make us use it a lot and feel like we are really getting the most out of our purchase.

Tight fitting, but not too tight

The Italian Carvico fabric with which this garment is made and its patterning makes it fit very well to our body, like the rest of Finisseur’s Pro collection. In any case, the Pro Thermal does not give the feeling of compression that, for example, other garments in the same collection but specifically for summer provide. A jersey like this, which is generally used with an undershirt of a certain thickness, must give a certain margin so that it does not compress too much when wearing another layer underneath and end up being uncomfortable to pedal with it. In this sense, the jersey fits snugly, but not too tightly. With the correct size selected it does not make any kind of pouch or crease that may be uncomfortable or even unsightly.

It has that point where we feel like we wear the jersey close to the body, but it does not compress us excessively or forcefully in any area. The Finisseur Pro Thermal jersey is really comfortable, even when wearing a thermal base layer top underneath.

Individual parts

The Pro Thermal has no fabric to protect you from the wind, but it does protect you from the cold, as mentioned above. It has 85% polyamide and 15% elastane inside. The feel of the interior is somewhat plush, helping to retain body temperature and keep us safe from the cold, as we said before, as long as it is not extreme. It is not the most suitable for use on windy days or light rain, for that there are other alternatives, also in the Finisseur catalogue, of garments in jacket format with more technical fabrics.

The garment has three back pockets. Full quality zipper and silicone panels on the inside of the waist that improve adherence of the garment to our anatomy in that area.

Final veredict

The Finisseur Pro Thermal jersey is one of Finisseur’s most versatile garments for use in both warm weather and mild winters. It perfectly meets the needs of those who are looking for a warm jersey, but comfortable and tight at the same time. From our tests we believe that the ideal range of use on the road, due to the higher speed at which we move, is between 14 and 17ºC while on mountain bikes, with generally lower speeds, we could use it on days with temperatures even lower than 10ºC equipped, yes, with a good base layer top underneath.


Good compromise between fit and comfort

Soft and warm touch

Elegant design


Slightly scarce rear reflective elements

Technical data




Pro Thermal


Winter jersey or mid-season. Perfect fit to the Carvico fabric. Profile neck with good air insulation. Temperatures recommended by the manufacturer between 10ºC and 16ºC.


Long and with elastic closed cuffs


CamLock type running through the whole torso.

Rear pockets

Three, symmetrical.

Colours available

5 options, mustard-black, grey-black, black-grey, black-red, blue-red.



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Test: Finisseur Pro Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey
Finisseur Pro Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey One of the most interesting garments in the Finisseur Autumn-Winter 2021 catalogue when we think about equipping ourselves with clothing and that is characterised by offering a modern cut and des …
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Test: Finisseur Pro Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey

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