Test: Finisseur Pro Rainproof 2 Jacket

A close-fitting waterproof jacket designed for maximum performance is one of those must-haves that every self-respecting cyclist should have in their wardrobe. This updated version of the Finisseur Pro Rainproof 2 jacket adds a new combination of synthetic fibres to its fabrics, while maintaining its three-layer construction capable of withstanding 8,000 mm of water column. With it, you can maintain the best aerodynamics, protect yourself from water and wind, and do it in style.

ciclista con chaqueta Finisseur Pro Rainproof 2
ciclista con chaqueta Finisseur Pro Rainproof 2

Performance and protection in the rain

With its waterproof membrane that allows body moisture to escape, this lightweight Finisseur Pro Rainproof 2 jacket is the ideal garment for rainy rides where you can’t compromise on performance. The slim fit and low weight make it very aerodynamic, while the waterproof fabrics protect against water and cold. The Zero Wind membrane is supplied by the Italian specialist manufacturer Pidigi. It is a hydrophilic, non-microporous membrane with dynamic breathability that acts as a barrier to wind and rain. Its composition ensures an osmotic transmission of sweat from the warm inside to the cold outside.

Other details, such as the double cuffs and the flap on the back pocket, ensure that water does not penetrate inside. The seams are thermosealed, which ensures total waterproofness. In addition, it has an incredible drying capacity, thanks to the properties of its fabric, which expel water quickly.

detalle puños chaqueta Finisseur Pro Rainproof 2


As with high-tech garments, the first thing that strikes you about this jacket is its light weight (only 150 grams!) and the silky feel of the fabric. This lightness contributes to a first impression that makes us wonder about its effectiveness in the rain. In fact, the technical fabrics of this jacket not only make the water literally slide off the surface but are also arranged so that the body heat and moisture we produce when cycling is quickly transferred from the inside to the outside of the garment.

The single back pocket is protected by a flap that prevents water from getting inside. This flap is very necessary due to the water-repellent properties of the jacket which cause water to run down the outside of the garment. On a day with variable weather, the jacket can be combined with a short jersey and, if folded carefully, can be worn neatly in one of the back pockets of the jersey. If rain is assured, we can wear it with a simple vest underneath, we will feel equally light and ready to cut through the wind and rain at full speed.

detalle espalda chaqueta Finisseur Pro Rainproof 2

Don’t change your plans because of rain

When we follow a training plan and the weather is adverse, our planning can go awry. But if you’re not afraid of a little water, this new version of the Finisseur Pro Rainproof jacket is a sure thing.  Lightweight, close fitting and water repellent, it will allow you to continue with your plans knowing that it is waterproof and breathable to keep you dry and comfortable at all times.

detalle cremallera cuello chaqueta Finisseur Pro Rainproof 2


Excellent protection against water.

Close-fitting and very aerodynamic.

Highly breathable.


Only available in black colour

Technical information


Finisseur Pro Rainproof Jacket 2

Triple-layer waterproof jacket with hydrophilic membrane for better sweat evacuation, close-fitting, very lightweight and performance-oriented.

A single central pocket with flap.

Available colours

XS to 3XL

159,95 €

More information here

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