Finisseur Pro Race Thermal DWR Bib Shorts

We have had the opportunity to test what is undoubtedly one of the latest and most interesting novelties in the thermal clothing line (for autumn and winter) of the Finisseur collection. This is a great pair of bib shorts from the Pro Race line (for those looking for performance and high performance) but with the Thermal DWR surname. This means that the garment, despite being short, is designed to protect us from the cold as well as being water repellent. We explain how it does it.

Winter bib shorts?

Not exactly… or maybe they are. The truth is that bib shorts, traditionally made of lycra, are very cold garments. This means that the legs need to be uncovered in certain temperatures, after all it is in this area that we move the most on the bike and where we have more muscle activity and temperature and yet they need some shelter and protection in areas of the lower body that are not so active and exposed to cold. In that sense some of the most advanced textile brands, Finisseur is one of them, have devised some models of shorts, but made with thermal fabric that warm the area of the thighs, hips and buttocks.

This makes the bib shorts warmer in the areas where we need it most when riding in mild temperatures, but which can become uncomfortable at the speed at which we ride the bike.

This is especially true in competitions, where it is not uncommon to see riders in cold conditions wearing thermal bib shorts like the Pro Race Thermal DWR that allow them to ride comfortably, being short, but at the same time protecting them from the cold.

That’s Pro Race Thermal DWR

This garment is made of MITI Fleece fabric, with fleece lining, which protects us to some extent from the cold. The truth is that this fabric, when running, gives a very comfortable feeling of warmth. In addition, the outer coating of the bib shorts has a treatment on the outer surface called DWR (Durable Water Repellent), which has a very good ability to repel water droplets and particles. This does not mean that it is waterproof, but it does keep us dry against certain amounts of water related to humidity or drizzle. It is a technology that in our test days, we have proven that it works perfectly. It is enough to drop a few drops of our water bottle on the bib shorts to see how these instead of soaking through the garment, they run off it.

More details

In addition to the fabric, we especially liked the micro-perforated back panel to promote breathability in this area, as well as the flat, seamless bib straps, which make the Pro Race Thermal DWR bib shorts fit like a glove when you put them on.

Another great feature of these shorts is the chamois. Finisseur uses one of its best proposals for comfort. This is the Ronde HP Men chamois pad. A modular chamois pad, extremely soft to the touch and with high density padding inserts. It feels like a solid chamois pad, the kind that absorbs vibrations and provides a soft contact surface, which distributes the tension and reduces the possibility of the dreaded discomfort in this area. In fact, the manufacturer claims that this Ronde HP Men is designed to provide maximum comfort for up to 7 hours uninterrupted in the saddle.

The Pro Race Thermal DWR are not only thermal bib shorts that protect us against certain temperatures, but they are also very comfortable. Their lycra is relatively compressive, so they fit perfectly and it keeps the garment in place. Their plush fabric provides a warm and pleasant feeling. Its pattern gives us the right tension in each area and the chamois is very comfortable. If to this we add that the bib shorts are available in two colours, blue or black, also that they have generous reflective panels, we can tell that we’re talking about a pair of 10/10 bib shorts for cool temperatures in which however, you may want or need to have your legs out, or if you want to accompany them with leg warmers to have the freedom to cover up or have your legs exposed depending on the temperature changes during the day.

Who are they for?

For those who want to wear bib shorts in temperatures between 12 and 20ºC and want to have some warmth in the lower body, who especially appreciate the quality and comfort of the fabrics.


Fabric quality


Thermal protection


We can’t think of any bad points

Technical data




Pro Race Thermal DWR


Medium-high range bib shorts. Short, but with thermal fabric. Suitable for temperatures between 12 and 20ºC. MITI fleece fabric and water-repellent treatment on the outside. 85% Polyamide 15% Elastane.


Flat, seamless

Chamois pad

Differentiated densities, 80 and 120kg/m3 Ventilated in the front area. Modular

Leg elastic


Available sizes


Colours available

Black or blue

More information here

Test: Finisseur Pro Race Thermal DWR Bib Shorts
Finisseur Pro Race Thermal DWR Bib Shorts We have had the opportunity to test what is undoubtedly one of the latest and most interesting novelties in the thermal clothing line (for autumn and winter) of the Finisseur collection. This is …
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Test: Finisseur Pro Race Thermal DWR Bib Shorts

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