Finisseur Pro Race Thermal 2 Bib Tights

The Pro Race Thermal 2 bib tights for winter are one of the most advanced garments in the Finisseur collection , in fact, they are the evolution of the previous Pro Race Thermal that we tested in their day and we already found them very recommendable. They have excellent insulation properties against the cold, while offering compression, fit and superb comfort. 

Made for racing

The name “Pro Race” indicates that these bib tights belong to the Finisseur’s collection of sportier, tighter and more compressive garments. For those looking for a garment that fits perfectly and allows maximum performance. This is indeed the case with these bib tights, which use compression fabrics with strategically joined panels. We are referring to the MITI and Carvico materials, with Fleece inner lining that also provides that warm touch essential in a winter garment like this one. 

The Pro Race Thermal 2 that we tested are designed to eat up those kilometres during the winter season, they are bib tights that protect us from the cold in an outstanding way. Not only for the fabrics we mentioned, but also for details such as the elastic band that adjusts the bib tights to the ankles, avoiding other systems such as zippers that are likely to let air inside, for example.

The straps – flat and compressive

This important area in any bib tights is exceptionally well resolved in the Pro Race Thermal 2. The bib tights fit very well around the torso and shoulders, providing bomb-proof support and most importantly, without causing any uncomfortable tension. The secret lies in the mesh that forms the garment from the waist up and from which both straps emerge, flat, elastic and seamless construction. A pair of straps worthy of the top of the range bib tights you can find on the market.

A first-class chamois pad

The chamois used in the Pro Race Thermal 2 deserves a special mention. This is the exclusive model from Finisseur called Elastic Interface Ronde HP Men. It has areas of variable density to better adapt to the different areas of our anatomy and to the touch is a real delight. Its fabric, the Eit X-Fifty, has an antibacterial treatment.

Although the manufacturer recommends it for rides of a maximum of 6 hours, we believe, from our sensations, that we could stay even longer on the bike feeling comfortable with these bib tights and this chamois, which is also elastic (it has 20% elastane).
The chamois always feels in place, which is essential for comfort at all times, in addition to the pleasant feel against the skin and its generous density. It also provides stability by filtering out some vibrations on the saddle.


The first thing you notice when wearing these bib tights and pedalling is the warmth of the fabrics. They are warm and very soft to the touch. Recommended for use in temperatures ranging from 3ºC to 15ºC. In our case, at those temperatures, the bib tights have sheltered us perfectly.

Secondly, the comfort they provide to the cyclist. In particular on two specific points that are key to the overall comfort of the bib tights. On the one hand, the straps, which do not produce strains, nor twist, nor move during the entire outing. As they are flat, they also distribute the tension evenly. On the other hand, the chamois. This part of the bib tights is essential for us to feel comfortable while pedalling and on the saddle. In fact, although the manufacturer estimates 6 hours as the maximum for which this chamois is designed, we are convinced that you will hardly lose comfort with it even after that time barrier.

What is undisputed in our opinion is that they are one of the best racing bib tights we have tested for long distances, due to their comfort.



Chamois quality

Reflective elements.


Missing a female version

Technical data




Pro Race Thermal 2


High-end cycling bib tights. Carvico and MITI quality fabrics. MITI Fleece fabric. 55% Polyamide, 28% Polyester, 17% Elastane. Range of use 3ºC to 15ºC


Flat, seamless

Chamois pad

Differentiated densities, 80 and 120kg/m3 Ventilated in the front area. Modular Measures 385 x 200 mm.

Leg elastic


Available sizes


Colours available

Black or Black and Red

More info here

Test: Finisseur Pro Race Thermal 2 Bib Tights
Finisseur Pro Race Thermal 2 Bib Tights The Pro Race Thermal 2 bib tights for winter are one of the most advanced garments in the Finisseur collection , in fact, they are the evolution of the previous Pro Race Thermal that we tested in …
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Test: Finisseur Pro Race Thermal 2 Bib Tights

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