Test: Finisseur Pro Race Jersey

The Pro Race line of Finisseur jerseys and bib shorts is the sportiest, the most fitted and the one with the most racing-style cut of all the jerseys and bib shorts available from this prestigious clothing brand. Precisely a jersey, the Finisseur Pro Race, is one of the latest garments that we have been able to test for a few hundred kilometres.

The best from Finisseur

Being geared towards the performance-oriented user, it makes sense that garments like this Pro Race jersey bring together the best technologies available to Finisseur.

Keep in mind that this garment is really well-fitted. This is intended to have a certain compressive effect on our muscles, but, above all, comfort in aggressive positions on the bike and aerodynamics, as it does not generate hardly any folds or hollow spaces between our body and the fabric. We can say that, if we choose the right size, the Pro Race fits like a glove.

To achieve this, Finisseur uses a sophisticated bi-stretch polyamide fabric that makes the jersey form-fitting and significantly tighter against your skin than many comparable jerseys from the competition.

Nice details

In addition to the Italian Sensitive bi-stretch fabric of the jersey, there are other aspects that, although they seem more secondary, end up shaping the performance of this high-level garment.

These include details such as the high-quality CamLock full-torso zipper or, for example, the generous silicone panels on the inside of the elastic around the waistband, especially in the lumbar area.

This silicone insert prevents the jersey, which is ultralight, from moving down due to the weight of the objects that we place in its three rear pockets, in which we usually carry an anti-puncture repair kit, house keys or our mobile phones. Objects that, in other jerseys without this adherence of the silicone, can make the jersey move down with the discomfort that entails due to the weight. A great detail that helps to make the Pro Race look perfect every time

On the move

The feeling provided by this Finisseur Pro Race jersey is one of absolute comfort while riding, as it is designed to be comfortable in the position in which we pedal. A comfort that depends, of course, on choosing the right size, as it is a very tight garment. Choosing a size a little smaller or larger than what is right for us, therefore, would be a mistake. It would cause us an excess of pressure or a feeling of discomfort by generating air pockets if it were too big for us.

The sleeves, even being short, are long cut, reaching almost to the elbows. With a double layer of fabric, the innermost layer is more elastic, an area that tends, perhaps, to generate a high tension, especially if your biceps or arms are a bit bulky. The collar is completely flush with the garment. It therefore does not generate tan lines in this area and allows perfect ventilation.

The zipper has an anti-pinch flap just at the top and another at the bottom, reaching the neck. The fit is perfect and the quality of the gearing is bombproof.

We love the perforated panel on the back of the jersey. It runs from the nape of the neck to the lumbar area, just about meeting with the central pocket. The pockets, by the way, three, are symmetrical, of medium size and with the same elastic effect as the rest of the garment, very effective therefore to carry some objects.

Final verdict

A really cool garment for summer and perfect for sports and competition use. With more elasticity in its fabric than the average of comparable jerseys (it has 27% elastane) and an optimal fit and adherence thanks to the close-fitting cut and the use of internal silicone panels in the waist.


Elastic capacity

Very cool jersey for high temperatures

Does not generate friction or rubbing in any area


Presión un tanto excesiva en la boca manga de los brazos

Technical information:




Pro Race


Very close-fitting and stretchy jersey. With 3 symmetrical back pockets, perforated back panel and silicone inserts inside the elastic waistband.


Elongated classic cut. Laser cut internally.


“CamLock” type with bottom flap to avoid direct skin contact.

Rear pockets

Three, symmetrical.

Colours available

Salmon, white, black and dark blue



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Test: Finisseur Pro Race Jersey
Test: Finisseur Pro Race Jersey The Pro Race line of Finisseur jerseys and bib shorts is the sportiest, the most fitted and the one with the most racing-style cut of all the jerseys and bib shorts available from this prestigious clothin …
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Test: Finisseur Pro Race Jersey

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