Test: Finisseur Pro Race Bib Shorts

The Pro Race which this test revolves around are the top-of-the-range model of bib shorts currently manufactured by Finisseur. A garment with a really fitted style and that, in our hands and before wearing it, already gives us a sense of great quality and lightness. The first sensations are indeed confirmed when we later start to pedal with them on.

The best of Finisseur

In this garment Finisseur has used its maximum technical resources, with the aim of offering user-oriented bib shorts that offer maximum performance and a budget that does not exceed the psychological barrier of 100€.

For that price, the Pro Race offer great bib shorts that, first and foremost, feel comfortable. In our opinion, three key aspects contribute to this.

The density of the fabric.

This is quite high and means that the lycra of these bib shorts does not move or slip over our body as we move, nor gradually over time, as happens with other lighter garments.

This produces a comfortable feeling. The bib shorts fit well and stay in place, therefore the chamois, the seams and the different panels with specific compression effect, keep their characteristics unchanged and always on the same area of our bodies.

Latest generation chamois

The chamois pad is undoubtedly another key aspect of the Pro Race that has made us feel so comfortable. It is a single-piece garment although it has different densities (higher in the back, where a greater percentage of our weight falls and less in the front). In any case, the thickness and density of it allows a really comfortable and long-lasting support on the saddle. So much so that the manufacturers themselves assure that this chamois allows for training of up to 7 consecutive hours without losing any of its properties. We have not reached that extreme, but trying the Finisseur Pro Race on different bikes and saddles consistently provided us with good absorption and comfort. However, other than its excellent shape, it should also be highlighted that it has a treatment that prevents the accumulation of moisture by favouring the ventilation of its filaments and also promoting comfort whilst on the go.

Straps, like a glove

The feel of the Pro Race’s straps on the skin is superb. This is true in all situations. As they are formed as a flat silicone band on the inside, the straps distribute the tension much better in their area in contact with the skin, as well as not moving in the slightest on our body, not even when sweating. To give even more stability to the straps, they are joined in the area of the back, at the height of the shoulder blades. Because of this, when we’re on the go, the straps make us feel that the bib shorts are better placed and well adapted at the high part of the back. But also, that the legs are always at the same height or that the straps remain stationary and straight on the torso and back.

Despite having a somewhat narrow elastic in the leg cuff, compared to current trends, the bib shorts do not compress excessively in that area and in any case, the elastic always stays in the same place.

Final verdict

One of the best options if you are looking for high performance bib shorts with a maximum budget of 100€. They are comfortable and supportive at the same time. Lightweight and airy to the touch. Ideal for cyclists who compete, take part in events and regularly ride long distances.


The comfort of the fabric

The comfort of the chamois

Breathability in the back and straps


Finisseur logo on the leg easily deteriorates





Pro Race


The most technical and high-performance bib shorts in the Finisseur catalogue, made with technical, high quality fabrics and slim fit patterns. They have a specific chamois for long training sessions made with two different density areas.


Silicone coated to improve adhesion, totally flat and seamless surface.

Chamois pad

Ronde HP Men, with high density panels. 80kg/m3 in the front area and 120kg/m3 in the rear area Central channel to release weight in the perineal area.

Leg elastic

With inner groove and stitching.

Available sizes

S, M, L, XL and XXL

Colours available


More information here

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