Test: Finisseur PRO MTB XC Bib Shorts

One of Finisseur ‘s recent releases is the Pro MTB XC bib shorts that we tested in this article. A garment with high-end features, for a affordable price given their quality and that yes, arespecific for users who practise mountain biking from the perspective of cross country.

Traditionally, the most stylish road cycling bib shorts were also used for mountain biking, for cross country users. It’s true that some of the features of road clothing are equally useful to cross country riders, but not all of them. For this reason, some of the best textile manufacturers are already designing specific bib shorts to be used in mountain biking and adapt them to the specific needs of this modality, without neglecting the performance of the garment and comfort to the user.

Why for MTB?

The differences between these bib shorts we tested and the more traditional ones meant exclusively for road cycling are clear. They are mainly based on the greater compression of the garment in certain areas, greater elasticity in others and the use of fabric panels with a greater anti-abrasion capacity.

Increased compression

The area that has been provided with more compression so that the bib shorts fit better to the body, is the area of the straps. In addition to being wide and thus applying a more distributed tension on our body, in the back area they are crossed in the form of an X, which helps the upper part of the bib shorts fit more firmly to our bodies, allowing sharper movements without the bib shorts sliding and moving around, something important and often need when using a mountain bike.

The chamois

Another specific aspect of these shorts that we love, by the way, is the exclusive MTB Trail Men Hybrid chamois, designed exclusively for men. It is equipped with completely smooth edges, which allows greater freedom of movement of the legs and our body on the saddle. In addition, it is equipped with an extra density of 120 kg/m that helps us to better absorb the vibrations of the mountain bike.  But as if that were not enough, and of course, it is a differentiating feature from other chamois pads, the one that these bib shorts use has a perforated frontal area . This is what Finisseur calls Air Mapping. These holes in the front of the chamois help the pad to air out and dry faster in wet conditions. Something that is important in mountain biking, where there is not as much air flow as on the road and where speeds are generally higher.

Anti-abrasion fabric

Finally, let’s talk about the specific element that is most visible in the Pro MTB XC and that is none other than the anti-abrasion fabric panels that we find on the sides of the legs or leggings. Luckily, we haven’t had the opportunity to drop down to check how much more resistant this fabric is compared to conventional lycra, but we don’t need to. We can already see how these side areas of the legs are clearly more robust and have a firmer texture than the rest of the garment. This gives us some confidence and peace of mind if we were to have a fall or even rub against or touch branches or a tree trunk, a common occurrence in mountain biking that often ends up with our bib shorts and/or our bodies destroyed.

On the move

Despite being slightly more reinforced bib shorts than the traditional ones for road bikes, the Pro MTB XC seem to us to be an equally or even more comfortable garment than the latter. They maintain good breathability despite having thicker fabric panels on the sides and the comfort of the chamois is exceptional. It is noticeable how they have worked conscientiously to eliminate the embossed edges and whilst pedalling, you can see how the pad is barely noticeable in terms of friction, or pressure with the inner thighs.  We like the system of crossed straps in the back, as stated, they provide a greater support of the upper part of the bib shorts, although sometimes it is difficult to place the crossing of the straps right in the centre of the back as they fold on themselves and get twisted.

Final verdict

They are simply perfect bib shorts, providing everything a demanding mountain biker could ever need. Absorption and maximum comfort of the chamois, strength of the fabric and freedom of movement. They are not the cheapest bib shorts on the market, but for what they cost, we can assure you that they go far beyond the expectations of any type of wearer.


Excellent fabric protection against abrasions

Excellent chamois comfort Good compromise between compression and freedom of movement.


When will the Pro MTB XC for women be available?

Technical information






Medium-high range bib shorts, specifically for XC-MTB use. With anti-abrasion panels on the sides, Trail Men Hybrid chamois with flat edges, cross back straps and Italian MITI fabric. 78% polyamide and 22% elastane.


With Mesh fabric, flat cut and seamless.

Chamois pad

Differentiated densities, 80 and 120kg/m3 Ventilated in the front area.

Leg elastic

Flat with printed logo

Available sizes

S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL

Colours available


More info here

Test: Finisseur PRO MTB XC Bib Shorts
Test: Finisseur PRO MTB XC Bib Shorts One of Finisseur 's recent releases is the Pro MTB XC bib shorts that we tested in this article. A garment with high-end features, for a affordable price given their quality and that yes, arespecifi …
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Test: Finisseur PRO MTB XC Bib Shorts

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