Finisseur Pro Merino Mid Season Jersey

We have tested one of Finisseur’s most special jerseys. Included in its Pro line, this is the Pro Merino Mid Season jersey. An unusual garment in cycling, as it is made using merino wool, a truly exclusive fabric that greatly improves the feel of the garment, comfort, being very light and with good thermal properties against the cold.

Wool in a sports garment

Some may find it strange to read that sportswear incorporates wool, but the truth is that the properties of merino wool, very prestigious for its quality, are most suitable for sportswear in relatively low or warm temperatures. This is the case of the jersey we tested, the Pro Merino Mid Season. This jersey is made of 40% of this type of wool yarn, which is softer than conventional wool and therefore more pleasant to the skin. However, the properties of this wool do not end only in the exquisite touch on the skin, but also in the breathability and lightness, in addition to the extra warmth or protection against the cold that it offers compared to jerseys also oriented to winter, but with more conventional fabrics.

For that in-between weather 

This jersey is designed to be worn at temperatures ranging from 10 to 18°C, although this is only a relative guideline. It is true that at temperatures above the 19ºC indicated by the manufacturer this jersey is a bit warm and that in climates below 10ºC, where we have also ridden, it lacks some more protection and warmth if we only use this jersey even with a base layer top.

If your area usually has temperatures in this range, you’re in luck, because you will have the ideal environment to enjoy such advanced garments as this jersey, which by the way, is quite tight, so try not to make a mistake in the size and if we do, it is by staying one size above the one we usually wear.

Wool that could be fur

The truth is that this Pro Merino Mid Season jersey feels like a second skin. It is surprising how a fabric that on paper, is thin and delicate, can fit so well to the body and best of all, give a feeling of warmth and comfort. It’s certainly a nice feeling. The fit to the body is spectacular and the warmth is remarkable, it is appreciated in those cool mornings when we go out to ride early. So much so that we believe that wearing it with a thick, long-sleeved undershirt detracts somewhat from the sensations and properties of this jersey, as we lose that pleasant feel against our skin. If it should be worn with thin or perforated base layer tops.

Essential care

It is necessary to take certain precautions with this garment, as the fabric is more delicate than traditional ones. It can break more easily, so avoid riding with it in areas with bushes or vegetation that can erode it. When washing it, try to use detergent for delicate clothes, without using fabric softener. We have done so in the first washes and we have not noticed the slightest alteration of the garment and fabric, although the manufacturer announces that over time this modification may appear, varying the appearance and in any case, being a natural process of merino wool.

Final feelings

There is no movement that limits us with this jersey. The fineness of the fabric, elasticity and softness is undoubtedly the strong point of this garment, which is also very stylish, with a certain “retro” air. It is true that the same thinness of the fabric makes the jersey a little less firm in areas where we can carry weight, such as the pockets of the sword. In this area the merino wool, the additional fabric of this jersey, cannot prevent the garment from stretching downwards a little due to the weight of the cyclist’s most usual luggage, keys, mobile phone and even spare parts, puncture protection, etc.


Exquisite Wool Feel

Fit to the body



The weight in the pockets makes it sag in that area

Technical data




Pro Merino Mid Season


Specific jersey for temperatures ranging from 10 to 18°C. Fitted to the body and made with 40% merino wool.


Long and with elastic closed cuffs


CamLock type running through the whole torso.

Rear pockets

Three, symmetrical.

Colours available

Red, blue, anthracite grey.



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Test: Finisseur Pro Merino Mid Season Jersey
Finisseur Pro Merino Mid Season Jersey We have tested one of Finisseur's most special jerseys. Included in its Pro line, this is the Pro Merino Mid Season jersey. An unusual garment in cycling, as it is made using merino wool, a truly e …
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Test: Finisseur Pro Merino Mid Season Jersey

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