Finisseur Pro Gravel Bib Shorts

Bib shorts are one of the garments that have evolved the most and have been adapted to gravel, the most adventurous form of cycling. The Finisseur Pro Gravel model we tested are a good example of this. Here, we bring you an analysis and evaluation of their features.

Bib shorts with very differentiated zones

Analysing them in depth and after many kilometres with them on, we realised the importance of the different parts that make up these bib shorts. The garment is divided into several zones, each with specific functions. One of the main reasons why the bib shorts are compartmentalised in this way is so that they offer different levels of compression, depending on the region or body area they cover. This makes the bib shorts feel very snug and the comfort is excellent. We notice how they compress evenly, without excessive tension points or weak points; they’re just right. This bib shorts also have a specific technology: MITI’s PowerTech, which increases compression compared to other models.

If we continue talking about specific areas, the lycra of the back and shoulder straps is also constructed with different densities, just to better adapt to the needs of perspiration of each area. The chamois also deserves special mention, made with Elastic Interface technology. This part, fundamental to the comfort of any bib shorts, has a central channel that relieves pressure in the perineal region. The padding, with a density of 120kg/m3 is more than enough to provide absorption and comfort in an off-road discipline such as gravel, where unlike what happens with full suspension MTB bikes, the rear of the bike transmits all the irregularities of the terrain. The chamois also features Air Mapping technology, which consists of perforations in the front, which increases the cooling of this area of the bib shorts.

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Abrasion resistance

In order to be able to be used in off-road conditions and on a gravel bike, the bib shorts are specially reinforced. On the one hand, to resist possible abrasions and erosions produced not only by falls, but also by rubbing or impacts with branches and vegetation, for example. That’s why these Pro Gravel feel thicker than the traditional, ultra-lightweight road-only bib shorts. This also makes them more comfortable, as if they weren’t already comfortable.

Stability equals comfort

Thanks to the consistency of its fabrics, which we have already mentioned protect us better from abrasions, the bib shorts remain in place on our body, without shifting. The garment behaves in a stable manner and provides a very special comfort. Something to thank for routes or bike rides, just what is most often used on a gravel bike, where you need the bib shorts do not move and always stay in the same place, including the chamois.

Load capacity

One of the most peculiar details of the Pro Gravel bib shorts is the existence of two pockets, one on each thigh. There are two side-loading pockets finished in mesh that allow you to carry small items such as energy bars, ID or even a small bike tool. A detail that fits the riding style and needs of the gravel rider. The pockets are very practical, easier to access than the traditional pockets on the back of the jersey, but in our opinion, they are a bit narrow.

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Final verdict

Sensational bib shorts in terms of comfort and even more importantly, durability. The consistency of their fabric makes them almost everlasting, very durable and resistant to wear. We love details like the side pockets and the adjustment of the leg elastics, which distribute the tension very evenly.


Durability and comfort of the fabric

The comfort of the chamois

Side loading capacity (pocket)


Somewhat hot in summer

Technical Data




Pro Gravel


High-quality garment with specific and differentiated pressure panels, anatomical MTB Trail Men chamois, side pockets and +50 UPF sun protection. 78% Polyamide 22% Elastane.


Flat and perforated fabric for better breathability.

Chamois pad

MTB Trail Men with central channel. 80 Kg/m3 padding in the front area and 120Kg/m3 in the back. Front holes for better cooling of the garment.

Leg elastic

Micro silicone, 45 mm band.

Available sizes

From S to XXXL

Colours available


More information here

Test: Finisseur Pro Gravel Bib Shorts
Finisseur Pro Gravel Bib Shorts Bib shorts are one of the garments that have evolved the most and have been adapted to gravel, the most adventurous form of cycling. The Finisseur Pro Gravel model we tested are a good example of this. He …
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Test: Finisseur Pro Gravel Bib Shorts

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