Finisseur Pro 3 Jersey

The Pro 3 is one of the most representative jerseys of the Finisseur brand. A really technical garment in which stands out above all its great ability to adapt to the cyclist’s body, its aerodynamic cut and something that seems to us most interesting, the fact of contributing to the care of the environment, as much of its fabrics come from recycled materials.

We have tested it and these are our impressions.

It fits like a glove

This jersey, one of the most sophisticated of the Finisseur range, is made of 82% polyester and 18% elastane, creating a combination of fabrics that the brand calls bi-elastic. The result is that when you put it on, the garment has an outstanding ability to adapt to the body. It is about putting it on and seeing how each part of the garment adapts specifically to the different parts of our body. This provides an unparalleled feeling of comfort, as there is no perceived over- or under-tightening anywhere in the jersey. The tension is homogeneous.

In this sense, the tension that can produce a jersey like this in our body, highlight the vivid cut of the sleeves as they have no elastic band at the mouth sleeve. This means that whatever the volume of your arm, the sleeve will fit you perfectly and certainly will not generate the tension or excess pressure that can generate some jerseys cut fit and rubber in this area. 

The collar is French cut, with a low profile. It is not even noticeable to the touch in the nape of the neck and throat area and, last but not least, it does not leave sun marks on the neck.

For performance

 This Finisseur Pro 3 jersey is definitely for those looking for comfort and performance. The tight fit and the way it adapts to the body makes it a very aerodynamic garment, ideal for road cycling or even cross-country mountain biking.

Another aspect that postulates it as a high-performance garment is its breathability, something essential when we are looking for a jersey with which to perform at a good level. In this sense, it should be clarified that both the fabric of the back and the torso, is micro perforatedThese are the areas of the garment that allow better evacuation of sweat and body temperature. It is not for nothing that the back and chest are the areas where we need cooling the most during exercise. 

The fabric in these areas, with the exception of the sleeves, is made of 90% polyester from recycled materials.

At waist level the jersey stays in place, as it has a silicone panel on the inside at the height of the lumbar area. For this reason, even if we load the back pockets, which are three and symmetrical, the jersey does not stretch downwards.


The Finisseur Pro 3 jersey has made an excellent impression on us. It is a really comfortable garment, which adapts perfectly to our body thanks to the elasticity of its fabrics. It is completely fitted, which makes it ideal for those who are looking for a garment with which to perform at its best on the bike. We also rate the breathability very positively thanks to the micro-perforated material on the back and torso. This was, perhaps, one of the weak points that we found in its previous version, the Pro 2, which we tested back in the day. A jersey that brings with it significant improvements and an almost unbeatable value for money proposal.


Perfect fit to the body

Sleeves that offer great comfort

Good value for money


Lacking in ability to get rid of sweat from its microfibers.

Technical information




Pro 3


High-performance, close-fitting jersey. Made of 82% polyester and 18% elastane. With a French collar, three symmetrical back pockets and fabrics with bi-elastic properties.


Elongated with sharp cut


“CamLock” type with bottom flap to avoid direct skin contact.

Rear pockets

Three, symmetrical.

Colours available

Black, lime, orange, grey, red and dark blue.



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Test: Finisseur Pro 3 Jersey
Finisseur Pro 3 Jersey The Pro 3 is one of the most representative jerseys of the Finisseur brand. A really technical garment in which stands out above all its great ability to adapt to the cyclist's body, its aerodynamic cut and someth …
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Test: Finisseur Pro 3 Jersey

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