Test: Finisseur Pro 2 Bib Shorts

Without being the top model of the Finisseur range (That is the Pro Race) the Pro 2 bib shorts that we tested in this article are undoubtedly one of the most advanced models of the brand. A garment that, after trying it on, has surprised us with its excellent balance between quality, performance and price.

For Pro Cyclists

The nomenclature or name of this model, Pro 2, already reveals the character and use to which these bib shorts are directed. It is a tight garment, with a real racing size and fit. Made from Italian technical fabrics of the MITI Sapphire type, these Pro 2 offer a sporty cut as well as the right degree of compression. Perfect for users who live cycling from the prism of performance, but at the same time, are not willing to give up a good portion of comfort, and therefore they will find that these bib shorts are without the noticeable tightness of other even more sporty models. In fact, in their composition there is an abundant elastic component, 22% elastane, which makes the garment fit perfectly to our bodies.

High Tech bib shorts

These bib shorts are far from only having a few panels of differentiated thickness and types of fabric, something that is already perceived positively when you touch them, they also offer a specific design of the straps to promote better pedalling and stability of the quadriceps, but also a chamois with specific distribution of the padding. With all this, the feel of the bib shorts when you put them on is positively surprising.

Their design is quite homogeneous and balanced. With the right choice of size and fit, they should not generate excessive stress and tightness in any area for the majority of cyclists. Not even in the leg cuffs, where if you have large quadriceps, many racing bib shorts in this average price range are noticeably tight.

This balanced adaptation of the garment means that when you walk, you feel a pleasant sensation of freedom of movement. whether pedalling in a seated position, standing up or in any movement we make on the bike.

Chamois and straps

The chamois, which has a specific masculine design, has a central cut and variable density of padding, having less density in the front and more in the back. In addition to an elastic treatment that allows for greater range of movement and adaptation.  We would place it within the average range and in our opinion, as far as comfort is concerned, density is perhaps the feature that is lacking the most.

The straps are extraordinarily breathable, thanks to a micro-perforated fabric that runs through them. Even in the back part, where both are fused, a panel of fabric has been used that goes up almost to the neck area, providing not only good perspiration, but also a better support for the straps in this area. In our case, we would have chosen a slightly wider width of the straps, because although they adhere well to the body, they can move laterally as well as giving a somewhat poor feeling of body support, especially in the chest area.

About the design

We like the simple character of the Pro 2. Always presented in single-colour options, they have a modern cut but at the same time they are elegant and go with any other type and colour of garment.

The design of the leg cuffs, with a barely visible elastic band, their sweat panel on the back and the discreet Finisseur logos printed on the legs, give them that attractive look.

Final verdict

The Pro 2 are the affordable racing or sports option. With quality levels that are certainly surprising for their price and design. We recommend them for users who are looking for a high-performance garment with a good level of quality.  For both road and XC mountain biking and for trips of up to 3 hours.


Adaptation of the garment to our body

Perspiration in the back and straps

High-end bib shorts for a low-end price


We would have liked a bit more width and stability in the straps.





Pro 2


High performance fitted bib shorts. Made from Italian fabrics, they feature straps and a chamois pad that offer optimal adjustment to our morphology.


Silicone inside, 45 mm wide, with porous mesh for better transpiration.

Chamois pad

Paris Men by Elastic Interface. Variable density, anti-bacterial, uses X-Tract fabric that promotes the expulsion of sweat.

Leg elastic

With inner groove and stitching.

Available sizes

S, M, L, XL and XXL

Colours available

Black, blue and black-red

More information here

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