Finisseur Core Thermal Route Jersey

This practical Core Thermal Route jersey is Finisseur’s proposal to protect you from cool but mild temperatures, while offering maximum comfort, which is essential when riding for hours.

The Thermal Route balances

The features of this jersey provide an interesting compromise between warmth and comfort. We all know that very extreme garments for winter, the ones that keep us warmer, tend to sacrifice some comfort in terms of elasticity and adaptation to our anatomy, for obvious reasons, because the fabrics are more technical and sometimes less elastic and with some added volume. The Italian Carvico fabric of this jersey, on the other hand, is very adaptable. It is true that it will not serve us to ride at temperatures below zero, in fact, this jersey is recommended to be used in a range between 10 and 16 ° C, but its elastic capacity and some interior plush allow us to keep our temperature stable as long as we do not stray too far from the recommended range of degrees Celsius. These features also make it a very good garment to wear under a jacket on the coldest winter days.


Elements such as the CamLock zipper, with easy closure or the armhole cut sleeves, give this jersey an overall garment quality finish that will please the most demanding users with this aspect. A perception of quality that is also enhanced if we take into account that this jersey costs just over 70 euros, a figure difficult to find in other competing garments comparable in performance.

The pattern is tight, but without reaching the level of the Pro garments of the same brand. In any case, it is a jersey oriented to road cycling or mountain biking for those looking for a comfortable and moderately tight-fitting garment.

We must also highlight the anti-allergic treatment of areas of the garment such as the collar, which contributes even more not only to comfort, but to the feel and level of the garment that provides a high level of satisfaction in this aspect to anyone who tries it.

Comfort, the best summary

Indeed, this is the best way to sum up the feeling this jersey gives us. A garment as we say that fits perfectly to our body. Not extremely tight, but it provides the optimal compression so that we feel total freedom of movement at the same time as a reasonable compression.If we add to a good fit the warm touch that gives us the inside of the Carvico fabric we will have a jersey that, we can attest, it is difficult to remove once you get used to it. It is very practical and pleasant to use.

How to get the most out of it?

In our test days with this jersey, we have been trying different combinations with other garments to see how far we can stretch its use, beyond those 10 to 16ºC recommended by the manufacturer. While it is true that everyone will find their ideal range of use and a very different perception of cold at the same temperature, we have felt comfortable with the Core Thermal Route at temperatures even close to 0°C using under it a good and powerful thermal shirt and above with a vest with wind membrane, in a rolling route, without steep descents where the thermal sensation due to the speed would make us spend more cold. With this exercise we just wanted to show the versatility of a garment like this jersey if we know how to combine it with other garments, in this case Finisseur, for example.

Who it is for?

For both road and mountain bikers looking for comfort and some protection from the cold in a garment that is not extremely tight and at the same time, is elegant in cut and design.


Balance between comfort and fit

Elegant design

Good reflective element


With weight in pockets tends to slide down

Technical data




Core Thermal Route


Winter jersey or mid-season. Perfect fit to the Carvico fabric. Anti-allergenic collar. Recommended temperatures between 10ºC and 16ºC.


Long and with elastic closed cuffs


CamLock type running through the whole torso.

Rear pockets

Three, symmetrical.

Colours available

5 options; black-red, blue, blue-red-ruby, grey-black, black.



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Test: Finisseur Core Thermal Route Jersey
Finisseur Core Thermal Route Jersey This practical Core Thermal Route jersey is Finisseur's proposal to protect you from cool but mild temperatures, while offering maximum comfort, which is essential when riding for hours. The Therma …
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Test: Finisseur Core Thermal Route Jersey

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