Finisseur Core Thermal Recycled Jersey

We have tested what we could call the typical “all-terrain” garment. The classic long, thermal jersey that can be used for just about anything. However, it is not so classic, in Finisseur they propose a garment not only useful and versatile, but also sustainable and committed to the environment. This is the Core Thermal Recycled of this test. 

Recycled, effectively, recycled

The main peculiarity of this garment is that for its manufacture is used in a large proportion, recycled fabric. In this way, the jersey receives the OEKO-TEX certification that gives it an eco-label, which guarantees that the garment, in addition to contributing to sustainability, has avoided in its manufacture more than 300 substances identified as harmful to health.

Otherwise, with the jersey in hand, everything seems normal. A garment to be used in moderately cold climates, without technical protection against wind or water, but with some barrier to the cold thanks to its fabric and thickness. Fitted, but not too compressive and a sleek and stylish static line.

Those details

The finish of Core Thermal Recycled is really good and above all, very functional, something that we have proven in the kilometres that we have been able to ride with him. We are referring to aspects such as the neck. In this area of the jersey a hypoallergenic treated fabric has been applied, which in practice is very soft to the touch in the neck area, although for cold days we would have liked the collar to be a little higher. The sleeves are quite tight, something to be thankful for in a cycling garment and also the rubber sleeve cuffs make it fit perfectly to our wrists avoiding to a large extent that air enters in that area.

The pockets, although somewhat narrow, do their job perfectly, with a good elastic that prevents anything we carry inside from accidentally coming out and with good depth to safely introduce elongated items such as a small inflation pump, for example.

The zipper, which does not have the typical protective flap to prevent air from entering, is of high quality and the feel of the plush fabric is really pleasant to the touch.

Core is snug, but not restricting 

This jersey is part of the Core collection by Finisseur. That is to say, it corresponds to a line of tight-fitting garments, but not at the level of the Pro line, for example, where the jerseys and other garments also have a compressive nature that makes them even tighter to the body. This way, with a Core jersey like this one, we get the comfort of being tight, but not too tight, even allowing us to wear a good undershirt without feeling uncomfortable because of it.

Final verdict

The feeling we got from this jersey was excellent. It’s snug and comfortable. It allows us absolute freedom of movement on the bike and feels warm and enveloping against the skin. The pockets have just the right level of elastic compression to carry things in them without deforming the jersey, as happens in other cases, and the classic silicone insert used on the inside of the waistband to keep the garment in place, which is essential while cycling if we are looking for comfort and performance.

We love the design. Sober but elegant at the same time. Available in various colours.

It is not a garment for very cold days, but for a range between 8 and 16ºC Celsius, although with a good thermal undershirt and a vest with windproof membrane we have used it even in temperatures close to 0ºC satisfactorily.

A garment that cannot miss in your wardrobe in the autumn, winter and spring months.


Versatility, you can use it for many months of the year

Elegant design

Fitted and comfortable cut


We miss a higher collar

Technical data




Core Thermal Recycled


Winter jersey or mid-season. Perfect fit to CMITI fabric and OEKO-TEX 100 class 1 certification. Anti-allergic collar. 83% Polyamide 17% Elastane. For recommended temperatures between 8 to 16ºC.


Long and with elastic closed cuffs


CamLock type running through the whole torso.

Rear pockets

Three, symmetrical.

Colours available

Black-blue, black-green, black-yellow 





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Test: Finisseur Core Thermal Recycled Jersey
Finisseur Core Thermal Recycled Jersey We have tested what we could call the typical "all-terrain" garment. The classic long, thermal jersey that can be used for just about anything. However, it is not so classic, in Finisseur they prop …
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Test: Finisseur Core Thermal Recycled Jersey

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