Castelli Competizione Limited Edition

The Castelli Competizione bib shorts that we’ve been able to test are one of those garments that demonstrates how some of the highest technologies in cycling textile can still be found at a reasonable price. Without being one of the cheapest bib shorts, they offer some of the most sophisticated solutions of the Italian manufacturer for a lower price than the top of the range models.

Low price, high quality

Castelli‘s range of bib shorts offers a wide collection of qualities and prices. From the most basic to the most sophisticated models. The  Castelli Competizione bib shorts we tested are in the mid-low range of this range, with a price of 100 euros (99,95) but with a level of quality that really surprised us from the first pedal strokes that we were able to give with them on.

True to the aesthetics and philosophy of the brand, these Competizione bib shorts have a clear race-style cut. They’re a garment aimed at cyclists who are looking for maximum performance and bib shorts that offer them maximum freedom of movement on the bike. To do this, they have some of the best technical solutions developed to date by the transalpine manufacturer, although without reaching the level of excellence of the most expensive models, as is logical.


One of the greatest virtues of these bib shorts is the feeling they provide, especially in the area of the legs and hips. This is undoubtedly due to the type of fabric used in their making and how the different panels are configured.

First of all, the use of flat seams contributes to a more comfortable feeling on the skin. But the GIRO4 elastic in the terminal or distal area of the leg makes it almost impossible to feel pressure or restrictions in this delicate area for many cyclists, where the thigh can sometimes be compressed by shorts with an elastic that does not adapt well to our anatomy. This elastic band, in these bib shorts, distributes the pressure perfectly and it doesn’t even feel like we have a rubber band holding them in place.

Castelli’s Affinity Pro fabric also improves the garment’s support. The truth is that the bib shorts did not generate any tension or pressure on any part of our anatomy and, nevertheless, the feeling of support was all-round and complete. This makes the sensation of wearing them a feeling of total comfort and facilitate the maximum performance of our muscles.

Comfortable and cool pad

Without being Castelli’s top of the range chamois pad, this  Castelli Competizione model uses the Kiss Air2. A single piece that has a variable thickness of 14, 10 or 4 mm depending on the area and is made of a fabric that is really comfortable to the touch and cool. Thanks to its thickness and density it perfectly absorbs impacts and distributes the pressure on our support surface. The performance and adaptability of this chamois is exceptional, along with the elasticity and fit of the lycra, the best of this Castelli bib shorts.

Overall assessment

As we have previously mentioned, the ability to adapt to our body and at the same time, to give great support, is one of the most remarkable sensations and virtues offered by these bib shorts. Something that is important, if we take into account that these Competizione bib shorts are aimed at sporty or performance-demanding cyclists. Their characteristics allow you to exert yourself on the bike without any limitations and what is more important, in total comfort, something that is super important if you aspire to give the best of you on the pedals.

We love the elasticity of the rubber band that ends the legs and wraps around the thigh, the feel and density of the comfortable chamois and of course, the unmistakable Castelli racing look, which, yes, is sized just right and makes you have to consider going one size up from what you can get from other manufacturers.

Ideal bib shorts for long distances, high temperatures and high sporting levels for a fair price considering their quality.


Quality/price ratio

Elasticity of their bands on the legs

Absorption and comfort of the chamois pad


The fit is a little tight, so check sizes before purchasing.





Competizione Limited Edition


Bib shorts for racing. With high capacity of elasticity and adaptation to our anatomy. One-piece Kiss Air2 chamois and Vortex BLC fabric for greater aerodynamics.

– Straps

Mesh panel joined at the back

Chamois pad

Kiss Air 2 with variable density 14mm, 10mm and 4mm, depending on the area.

Leg elastic

GIRO4, wide and compressive, but very adaptable to our anatomy at the same time.

Available sizes:

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL

Colours available Default black base colour, with blue, red or orange coloured inserts

More information here

Test: Castelli Competizione Limited Edition
Castelli Competizione Limited Edition The Castelli Competizione bib shorts that we've been able to test are one of those garments that demonstrates how some of the highest technologies in cycling textile can still be found at a reasonab …
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Test: Castelli Competizione Limited Edition

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