Assos Mille GT Bib Shorts

Once upon a time the ultimate in comfort and performance cycling shorts had only one name, and that was none other than Assos. Today, years after that time, the Swiss brand is not the only one on the cusp of premium garments, although it undoubtedly still retains much of that halo of exclusivity and performance. To prove it, we tested the Assos Mille GT one of their flagship bib shorts.

Superior technology

Just take a look at the extensive list of technologies employed in this Mille GT to understand the level of performance that these bib shorts can offer us, which, without being the top of the range in the Swiss manufacturer’s range, they are far above many proposals of their comparable competition in price.

To begin with, it is worth mentioning that these Assos Mille GT are made with an exclusive fabric of the manufacturer Type 429 Titanium, stretchy and with certain elastic properties. At the same time, they have a moderately compressive cut, the Regular Fit, which unlike the Racing Fit does not compress our body so much and allows excellent comfort and freedom of movement.

But to all the technology that affects the comfort and compression of the main part of the bib shorts, we must add the excellent strap-making process, which are flat and flexible and form a Y in the back area as to not compress the shoulder blades and give them the freedom they need. In this area the ClimaCode code is also printed that indicates the order in the super position of layers that these bib shorts must occupy

If you look closely, you will notice that these bib shorts have no hem at all. This is what Assos calls Zero Weist, which prevents excessive pressure at any point between the garment and the skin.

Like a glove

When you put on these shorts the first thing you notice, even before you get on the bike, is how well the whole garment fits your body. From the shoulder straps to the back, legs or hips. There is neither too much nor too little tension. The bib shorts have just the right amount of compression so that you hardly notice you’re wearing them and you can pedal and move freely. We also like the fact that the weight of the fabric means that no matter how much we move, the garment always stays in place, even despite riding many kilometres.

In the pedalling position we still have that excellent feeling of being wrapped by a garment that hugs us softly and allows us to spend hours and hours on the bike without any limitation.

Reference chamois pad

This is undoubtedly one of the highlights of these bib shorts. For this reason, we have reserved a specific section in our product test.

The Millet GT use the S7 Evo chamois pad, with visco-elastic foam with a constant thickness of 8 mm. A chamois that is not new for the manufacturer Assos, but has the system called Golden Gate that interrupts the seams on the sides, making the chamois slide against the bib shorts themselves, better adapting to the movements of our body on the saddle. At the same time, it is perforated in its front part, to favour better ventilation, maintaining the corporal temperature in situations which require more effort.

This is without a doubt one of the best chamois pads we have tried. It provides comfort thanks to the absorption of the visco elastic foam, also for its ability to evacuate heat and of course, for the freedom of movement that allows its three-dimensional movement on the bib shorts, really exceptional and that no other manufacturer of bib shorts has.

Final verdict

The Mille GT look like the ideal bib shorts for those who are looking for the best possible garment in the price range of 140 to 150 Euros for bib shorts. Their quality level is well above average in this price range and they have features worthy of 30% more expensive bib shorts.

They have no excessive pressure points and have a remarkable balance between comfort and compression. They are perfect for long rides, where you need the bib shorts to be pressure-free and offer a sweet and soft chamois with an exquisite feel.


Quality level

Superior comfort than most of the competition


We can’t think of any areas for improvement




Mille GT


High performance bib shorts with exclusive technologies. Semi-racing cut, therefore intermediate compression.


Flat and seamless. They are joined at the back in a Y-shape.

Chamois pad

Mille S7 EVO with three-dimensional movement on the bib shorts, as the side seams are missing. Constant thickness of 8 mm, viscoelastic foam material.

Leg elastic

Unhemmed, about 4 cm thick and small silicone inserts inside.

Available sizes

XS, S, M, L, XL, XLG and TIR

Colours available

Black or blue

More information here

Test: Assos Mille GT Bib Shorts
Assos Mille GT Bib Shorts Once upon a time the ultimate in comfort and performance cycling shorts had only one name, and that was none other than Assos. Today, years after that time, the Swiss brand is not the only one on the cusp of pr …
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Test: Assos Mille GT Bib Shorts

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