Road or mountain bike: Which is better for training?

Road or MTB bike? Good question.

You have stayed at home longer and gained some weight. So you’ve decided to buy a bike and get some exercise. But you can’t decide which bike to buy: Road or MTB?

Well, we are here to tell you that both types of cycling are very good. Even a spinning bike is ideal for cardiovascular exercise, and spinning bikes don’t even move! Let us be clear on a few points.

Road or mountain bike:

The decision to buy a mountain bike or a road bike will depend on a number of factors. Firstly, the area in which you live: What is the point of buying a mountain bike if you live in a city? The second factor is your experience: if you are a beginner, a normal road bike is best, as moving up to a mountain bike takes some time.

The road bike for exercise

Riding any bike will train your lower body and improve your muscular endurance. The most interesting fact is that between 500 and 800 calories are burned per hour, depending on the effort. In terms of cardio, cycling is better than running, and it also considerably increases the strength of the quadriceps muscle, buttocks and calves.

Road bikes are ideal for long, intense workouts because you can go wherever you want. There is no need to go into the mountains or in search of special terrain, as is often the case with MTB. With road bikes, you can pedal for a long time using relatively less muscle power, and you are more likely to burn more calories.

Do mountain bikes help burn calories?

We have talked about road bikes, now we are going to talk about mountain bikes. Mountain bikes also provide cardio and strength training. In fact, large amounts of calories are burned on a mountain bike compared to a road bike due to the great variability of the terrain over which you pedal.

Mountain bikes are designed for rough terrain in the mountains. Thanks to their suspension and gearing, mountain bikes are an excellent means of transport and exercise. It is not so much the bike, but the road, the terrain, that allows us to burn the most calories.

Which bike is the easiest to climb a hill on?

Well, the answer is obvious: with a mountain bike. A mountain bike with an agile ratio, to be more precise. Mountain bikes are designed to climb mountains or hills, so of course they are better for going uphill as they have a chainring and sprocket set-up designed for steep inclines.

If you want to make as little effort as possible, a mountain bike is perfect for any uphill terrain. If you want the ideal means of transport, opt for a mountain bike for dirt roads and a road bike if you want to cycle on asphalt.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the ideal bike for weight loss?
    Weight loss depends on the intensity and duration of cycling, so it doesn’t really matter which bike you use, what matters is how you use it.
  • Is a MTB or road bike better?
    Both mountain bikes and road bikes are good. What you have to ask yourself is: Which bike is best for me? The choice of bicycle depends on the intended use.
  • Are road bikes good for exercise?
    Any type of bike is good for exercise, even spinning bikes. 
  • Is it possible to ride a mountain bike on the road?
    Yes, mountain bikes can be ridden on the road without any problems. No one will take you to jail for riding a mountain bike on the road.
  • What happens if I cycle every day?
    If you cycle every day, you will significantly improve your cardiovascular system and endurance. Go for it!

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