Test: Reld Urriellu Hooded Jacket

Maximum protection against the cold and wind is the hallmark of this Reld Urriellu hooded jacket. With a name that evokes the most extreme conditions of mountaineering, Urriellu is the Asturian name for the Naranjo de Bulnes, this jacket comes prepared with the most effective technologies to keep us warm during our outdoor activities in the coldest months of the year. 

Lightweight coat

Reld, the new brand of technical outdoor clothing and accessories from deporvillage, has in this Urriellu hooded jacket its maximum exponent in protection against low temperatures in our outdoor activities. Its design is an example of a commitment to lightness, low bulk and effectiveness: a jacket that keeps you warm without being bulky or heavy.

It relies on Reld Warm Keeper technology, based on the triple composition of its fabrics. The exterior uses Storm Lite DP II water-resistant microfibre fabric which, although not completely waterproof, is able to shed water droplets.  Inside it has a synthetic down filling that traps warm air around your skin, with the water-repellent advantages of polyester. And finally, it uses a reflective thermal lining, inspired by the properties of emergency thermal blankets. 

This reflective thermal lining helps us stay warm in cold environments by preventing body heat from being lost as it radiates outwards. More than half of the body heat is lost through radiation, and the lining keeps that heat in the body for longer. This fabric is so effective that it has a striped design to allow for some irradiation and not be excessively warm. Thanks to these heat reflective properties, it is possible to wear a thinner second layer with this jacket, which will contribute to the overall lightness of our clothing. 

Adjustment possibilities

Along with the advanced technologies used in its fabric, the design of the Reld Urriellu jacket rounds out the performance of this garment. The cut is close-fitting without being tight, which helps to keep the garment’s profile low. It is also available in a women’s version with a more fitted waist. The interior pockets have a large storage capacity, but share space with the exterior zipped pockets. The ideal is not to try to use the space of both at the same time, but to choose one or the other depending on your needs (items that you need less frequently in the inner pockets, etc.). 

It has an internal waist adjustment that can be done with one hand. Stretching to tighten, and pressing the fastener to loosen. The hood also has an internal adjustment, but in this case you just pull the drawstring to adjust it. When we want to remove the hood, the elastic cord will automatically return to its original position. 

The full-length front zip has a drawstring puller, as do the pullers on the side pockets. The front zip goes all the way to the chin, so that together with the adjustment of the hood it allows you to “close” the protected area as much as possible, which is especially useful when the wind is blowing hard. The cuffs are also closed by an inner elastic, eliminating a major source of convective heat loss.


The Reld Urriellu has an extraordinary ability to keep us warm in cold weather. This ability is such that we must choose carefully the other layers of clothing we will wear, so that we are not cold, but not hot either. It all depends on the temperature, our personal preferences and the level of intensity of the activity we are going to do. 

In the case of mountain hikes of a certain intensity, it was enough for us to combine it with a first layer (base layer). For other conditions, we have other possible combinations, such as the Reld Trentino long-sleeved T-shirt, or even one of the Reld fleeces

Because of its light weight and low volume, we have also found it very suitable for more casual use. For example, we found the jacket extremely useful to wear when we went out early in the morning to the gym, wearing only thin leggings and a short-sleeved T-shirt underneath.


We found the Reld Urriellu hooded jacket to be very useful in a variety of situations, thanks to its advanced technical fabrics, light weight and low bulk. Combined with various first and second layers, it can be adapted to a wide range of conditions. The only limit we see is that it’s not fully waterproof, but it’s more than enough to keep us dry in light to moderate rain.


Great warmth capacity.

Water-repellent treatment on the outer layer.

Reflective thermal lining.


We would have liked to see a version with more striking colours. 

Technical information



Hooded jacket with water-repellent outer fabric, synthetic down insulation and reflective thermal lining. It has zipped side pockets, and interior adjustment at the waist and hood.

Storm Lite DP II water repellent outer fabric. 

Synthetic down filling and reflective thermal lining. 

Zipped sides, plus two inside pockets.

With inner elasticated waistband. 

Adjustable with inner elastic.

Available sizes
S – XXL.

79.95 €

Colours available
Black, Maroon, Navy Blue.

More information here 

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