Test: Reld Orizaba Light Hooded Jacket

The new range of outdoor clothing and accessories Reld range of deporvillage presents a must-have for our outdoor activities: the light waterproof jacket. In order to provide maximum protection from the rain, this Reld Orizaba Reld Orizaba jacket is full of technical details that together with its waterproof and lightweight features make it indispensable so that the rain doesn’t ruin our outdoor adventure plans.

High-tech fabrics

The main feature of the Reld Orizaba hooded jacket is the technology used in the construction of its fabrics. The outer layer, made of polyurethane-coated polyester, is woven using the ripstop technique. This technique, developed during World War II for the manufacture of parachutes, ensures high resistance to tearing

Moreover, the polyurethane coating provides great protection against water, without adding extra weight and preserving the flexibility of the fabrics. This coating has a very high protection against washing and it retains its properties for much longer. In addition, the seams of the jacket are heat-sealed, which enhances its water resistance and increases the integrity of the garment in the most adverse conditions.

Finally, the inside of the jacket has a light mesh lining. This mesh allows a greater reduction of humidity by favouring greater air circulation, as well as providing a soft and very comfortable feel. 

Multiple settings for increased protection

Other technical details of the jacket include elastic adjustments. At the waist, this elastic is accessible from the inside of the pockets, simply pull the puller to adjust the waist, which will return to its original position when the jacket is unbuttoned. On the back of the hood there is also a pull tab, which is hidden by a fold in the fabric. This handle has a locking system that can be unlocked by a simple press. The sleeves also have a single elastic adjustment

The hood also includes a small visor, which is made of a higher density fabric that helps it keep its shape and channel water away from the outside. The zip has an accessory drawstring pull linked to the metal pull and includes a higher density inner flap for increased protection against rain. When closed, the jacket protects up to the chin, where the zip ends. 

The overall design of the garment is not overly tailored, even in the women’s version, which does have a slightly narrower waist. 


The main feature of this jacket is its excellent rain protection. Its construction based on a woven fabric with ripstop technique and heat-sealed panels also makes it highly recommended against the wind, although it is not as light as a simple windbreaker. 

In addition to great protection against rain, it has good breathability thanks to its internal mesh. Although it does not have thermal insulation, its protection against the cold is not bad. The fit and heat-sealed seams prevent convection heat loss, especially when combined with a more substantial second layer, such as the brand’s gilets or fleeces .

Ideal conditions for use are rain and wind. Its excellent waterproofing and breathability offers protection and comfort in the wet that lighter garments are simply unable to offer


Excellent protection against water. 

Hood with visor.

Good breathability.


Only available in blue and black.

Technical information



Light jacket with Reld Water Shelter technology, waterproof ripstop woven with heat-sealed seams, zipped side pockets, inner elastic waist adjustment and hood with visor.

Ripstop fabric with waterproof treatment (120 g/m2).

Fabric composition
Reld Water Shelter with heat-sealed seams.

Zipped sides. 

With inner elasticated waistband. 

With inner elastic adjustment and visor.

Available sizes
S – XXL.

63.95 €

Colours available
Black, Navy Blue.

More information here 

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