Test: Reld Breithorn Gilet

The new outdoor clothing brand Reld has included this interesting and versatile Breithorn gilet in its autumn-winter 2022 catalogue. Made from a combination of different layers of technical fabrics, it stands out for its ability to keep you warm and its water-repellent outer coating.

Three layers to beat the cold

Technical outdoor clothing at competitive prices. This is the philosophy of Reld, the new deporvillage brand of technical clothing and accessories for lovers of mountain sports and outdoor activities. This Reld Breithorn gilet bases its appeal precisely on the technologies used in its fabrics.

Under the name Reld Warm Keeper there are three distinct layers that give this gilet great thermal protection and water resistance, all with maximum lightness. The outer layer is responsible for expelling water droplets. While not completely waterproof, the Storm Lite DP II polyester microfibre fabric allows water to form beads that make it difficult for water to saturate the fabric and penetrate the interior. To ensure good thermal protection, the inner layer is filled with synthetic down. Synthetic down is a little heavier than natural down, but in return it is much more versatile, as it is less affected by moisture and performs better under pressure. 

And finally, the gilet features a third layer, a reflective thermal lining designed to curb the main cause of heat loss from the human body: irradiation. The principle is the same as for emergency thermal blankets: a layer that reflects the heat of the human body and prevents it from escaping to the outside.

Protection with minimum volume

The gilet we tested is the men’s version, but there is also a women’s version, with a slightly narrower cut at the waist. However, the differences are minimal and all other features are identical in the two versions. It is a very lightweight garment that takes up very little volume and has elastic adjustments at the waist

For storage, there are two zipped pockets on the sides and two single inside pockets, which take up almost the same amount of space. The gilet has a high collar that reaches almost to the chin, where the zip is also located. It has a small flap at this point to protect your neck from chafing. 

Lightweight and mobile

Like the Reld Urriellu jacket, this gilet is excellent for keeping warm during outdoor activities. Obviously, being a gilet, it is even lighter, and although it does not protect the arms as it has no sleeves, it is a good option in milder temperatures or when the intensity of the activity is higher. The important thing is that it protects the trunk, and it should be remembered that in near-hypothermic conditions, the body reduces the amount of blood circulating in the limbs precisely to protect the trunk, which is where all the vital organs are located. 

With its mobility compared to jackets and good protection against the cold, this Reld Breithorn gilet  is a very versatile choice for outdoor activities of a certain intensity.

A favor

Great warmth capacity.

Water-repellent treatment on the outer layer.

Reflective thermal lining.

En contra

We would have liked to see a version with more striking colours. 

Ficha técnica



Reld Breithorn Gilet Black

Gilet with water repellent outer fabric, synthetic down insulation and reflective thermal lining. It has zipped side pockets, and inner waist adjustment.

– Exterior:
Storm Lite DP II water repellent outer fabric. 

– Insulation:
Synthetic down filling and reflective thermal lining. 

Zipped sides, plus two inside pockets.

With inner elasticated waistband. 

44.95 €

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