Test: Puma Deviate Nitro Elite Shoes

Ultralight and with carbon fibre plates, yet still comfortable. Have Puma managed to make possible the impossible with these shoes? The combination of the INNOPLATE carbon fibre plate with a soft, energy-returning polyester block amide (PEBA) midsole works wonders: a super-fast minimalist shoe that is also suitable for marathons thanks to its great comfort.

For going fast without sacrifices

With this model, Puma proves that a racing shoe does not have to be extremely minimalistic and use only minimal cushioning to avoid injury. Such sacrifices are unnecessary if you start with a design that intelligently combines reactivity with the comfort needed to run longer distances, faster

To achieve this, a 100% carbon fibre plate design has been used, split at the toe level, so that during take-off the plate takes advantage of the complete impulse with the big toe. This plate is sandwiched between the two foam layers of the Nitro Elite midsole. In this case it is a PEBA foam, which is very light and soft and has a high energy return.

Plate and midsole work together

As soon as we put on the shoes we will immediately notice the INNOPLATE plate, but it is when we start jogging that we experience the combined effect of the plate and the midsole. Compared to more radical shoes, the footfall is very cushioned and at the beginning, whilst warming up, they will not seem very aggressive. But as the pace increases, these Puma Deviate Nitro Elite “wake up, and we will start to notice the effect of the plate on the energy return, which is excellent and, above all, it does it with a very good stability.  

With a medium profile, soft foam and small drop, these shoes feel very agile, and their extremely light weight accentuates this feeling even more. These are shoes that invite you to test your limits, especially thanks to the comfort and stability they provide.

The outsole uses PUMAGRIP compound, which is very durable and gives good traction, as well as being quite minimalistic. In the central part the midsole is exposed and even a hole has been added that allows you to see and touch the carbon fibre plate.

Ultralight upper

Looking at their translucent upper and noting the lightness, we wondered how they were going to adequately support our feet. The upper is made of an almost transparent mesh, except for a thicker strip around the midfoot. In fact, this mesh is so sheer that you’ll have to think about the colour of the socks to match the outfit! 

The combination of a firmer structure in the lacing eyelets with a denser fabric strip in the midfoot quickly cleared our doubts about the support: the shoes hold very well, even with the good width of the last (perhaps the support on narrow feet is more critical). 

The heel area is also very minimalist, with minimal padding and no reinforcement other than a dense mesh like the one found in the midfoot. And yet they still provide very good support, keeping the heel in place.

Who are they for?

The Puma Deviate Nitro Elite shoes are perfect in races between 10K and marathon for runners with good technique and for any shorter distance for most runners. They stand out for their natural, non-extreme feel, and it is precisely this “comfortable” reactivity that sets them apart from the rest and makes them so special. 


Very light.

Excellent combination of midsole and carbon plate.

Excellent combination of comfort and efficiency.


Poor off-road traction.

Technical schedule


Deviate Nitro Elite

Fit system

Translucent mesh, with floating tongue and no heel reinforcement.

Nitro Elite in PEBA foam with 100% carbon fibre INNOPLATE plate.

PUMAGRIP compound for asphalt.

8 mm

Available sizes
From 35.5 EU to 42.5 EU.

180 gr

144 €

Colours available

For further information here 

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